6 thoughts on “To All My “Progressive” Friends

  1. Where’s you put that Democrat Victimology Chart, Mitch? I’m pretty sure Native American trumps White Woman; but what about Fake Indian?

  2. Yeah, but we thought having Biden and Solon on tickets was a good thing, too. It’s hard to overestimate the stupidity of the liberal base, people like Avery.

  3. Careful what you wish for, Berg.
    If we are in an era of low growth/slow growth, it only makes sense for the average person to believe that the best chance for economic advancement he or she has is through redistribution, not opportunity.
    It doesn’t work. In a static economy wealth flows from the weak to the powerful, from the have-nots to the haves. But we have an academic and media system that constantly preaches otherwise.

  4. Warren gets most of her money from wall st lawyers. Methinks she speak with forked tongue

  5. Warren was principal architect of the CFPB. The CFPB will control all aspects of consumer credit (interest, penalties, etc.), and by design is immune from congressional oversight. It is funded out of the Treasury Dept. Warren made damn sure it would not be answerable to the people.

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