Delayed Karma’s Gonna Getcha

It seems a Democrat Party politician is upset that a GOP mailer, she alleges, plays fast and loose with her record in re DUI legislation.  Sandra Masin, a DFL rep from Eagan facing a challenge from Andrea Todd-Harlin, says a piece of GOP campaign literature takes a vote of hers, relating to DUI laws, out of context. 

All I can say, Democrats, is open up for a big spoonful of bitchy karma.

Drink it down.  Drink it. 

There you go.

3 thoughts on “Delayed Karma’s Gonna Getcha

  1. “Drink it down. Drink it”

    Cartoon bubble; Merg has DG pinned and, while pinching its feral snout shut, pours bitter truth into its fetid pie-hole.

    I know that makes me a bad person, but I’m used to that.

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