Memorial Day

No real blogging today.  I’ll be doing Memorial Day stuff.

Of course, the day exists to pay homage to the million-odd American servicemen who’ve died protecting this nation over the past two centuries and change.

It’ll be a while before I write a Memorial Day tribute I’m as happy with as the one I did two years ago, the tribute to 100-odd years of veterans from the various units of the North Dakota National Guard – the 164th Infantry Regiment from the Spanish-American War and both World Wars through Korea, the 957th Field Artillery, 188th Field Artillery and 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion in World War II, and, most recently the 141st Combat Engineers, and Jamestown’s 817th Engineer (Sapper) Company in Iraq.

Anyway, whoever your veterans are, it’s a great day to remember the sacrifices that kept this nation – and a good chunk of the rest of the world – free.

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