Parkas In The Third Circle

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Star Tribune runs an astonishingly even-handed report on politicians’ finger-pointing over Ebola funding.
The conclusion: they’re equally to blame. Which isn’t true, but is a far cry from Star Tribune’s reflex to blame Republicans.
The article points out CDC funding in 2010 was $6.8 billion, 2011 was $6.9 billion and then President Obama proposed to reduce it to $6.6. Yes, the President slashed $300,000 out of CDC funding. And Congress went along. So they’re all to blame.
What the article does not address is HOW the CDC pisses away that $6.6 billion. And that’s totally under the control of Democrats.

Joe Doakes

3 thoughts on “Parkas In The Third Circle

  1. What, the CDC can’t do its job without a – usually non-epidemiologist – head bureaucrat?

  2. When politicians, all of them, come with their hand out, blaming everything that is wrong with the world on the fact that they can’t spend of your (or someone else’s) money, they need to be made to account for every foolish, stupid penny the government spends. “You want money to send poor kids to college? Maybe you should have thought of that before you spent $50 million planning an Eisenhower memorial that Eisenhower’s family doesn’t want. Idiot. Get a real job.”

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