The Banana State

Looking at this video, of the final nine minutes of the 2009 Minnesota Senate Sesssion, I notice a couple of things.

First: They look like a bunch of drunks at last call.  Its from the fatigue (previous Legislative drinking o duty scandals probably notwithstanding), of course, but still kinda funny.

Second, and much less funny?  Sit through the whole nine minutes of the video.  The DFL, behind Senate Majority Jefe “Hugo” Pogemiller, rammed through a half-billion-dollar spending bill that nobody had had time to read yet.  At all.  Zippo.

Viva La Junta!

3 thoughts on “The Banana State

  1. That’s more than a little bit horrible. I’ll be complaining to my senator for his participation, for all the good it will do.

  2. Is it just me or does Major Pogo (can I claim that as a original name?) looks A LOT like Rod “this is too fucking valuable of a thing to just give up” Blagojevich?

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