Our Rational, Reasonable Opposition

A volunteer for Mary Franson’s opponent posted this on Facebook the other day:

It’d be interesting to know if Jay Sieling, the DFL candidate for which the woman above volunteers, endorses the tacit threat of violence against Representative Franson.

3 thoughts on “Our Rational, Reasonable Opposition

  1. “No registration, no licensing, no restrictions on guns . . . ”
    What planet does this person live on? No restrictions on gun ownership at all? Not even convicted insane murderers should be prevented from having guns?
    I will wait here quietly for DG to make a comment about the commenter being stupid, not knowing what the FACTS are, etc.

  2. PHM … Have you been living under a rock for the past decade? Similar availability also applies to machine guns and mortars. They can be bought anonymously over the Internet and from Boy Scouts on street corners …

    “Not even convicted insane murderers should be prevented from having guns?”
    True again; even Teddy Kennedy had an armed contingent …

    “… and the person who answered the door flashed a gun at him.”
    Or was he just happy to see him? Somehow the choice of the word “flashed” suggests that she has more than a generic dislike of firearms.

  3. Maybe this “Esther” person has a point. Mark “crazy eyes” Dayton apparently has legally obtained guns, despite his history of alcoholism and depression. Helps to have gone to the right school I suppose.

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