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  1. It’s all kind of bizarre. I recently — a few minutes ago — posted something over on Brauer’s blog, that’s vaguely related — http://www.minnpost.com/braublog/2009/04/16/8118/touting_the_tea_baggers#comments_section. Pretty sure it isn’t going to be approved; I might have some better luck here:

    Or, to put it more delicately:

    David, what the hell are you thinking?

    Yeah, you had at least a little cover for getting your knickers all in a twist over the term “Democrat Party” while ignoring the use of “Repug”, “Rethug,” and “Rethuglican” on, well, your side of the political aisle, as you could say, with some credibility, that *you* didn’t use those terms, and that, hey, the removal of the “ic” from the end of one word was clearly intended to bruise the sensitivities of your thin-skinned cohorts.

    Got it.

    And now, you’re going to — you should pardon the expresssion — *blow* your credibility by referring to the Tea Party folks as “Tea Baggers”? I mean, guy, not only does that suck, but the implicit gaybashing from the left? I mean, guy, what the hell are you thinking?

    So: suck it up, admit you did wrong, and get your . . . foot out of your mouth. Do you really need to be the local left’s version of Beavis to Fecke’s Butthead? If so, why?

    Strong language to follow.

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