Death Cult

In the lulls between Palestinian/Israeli combat, I sometimes forget how very, very depressed I get at how very ill-informed Americans are about the recent history of the Middle East.

I’ve even seen relatively intelligent acquaintances of mine claim that both sides, Palestinian and Israeli, are morally equal.  One trumpeted “both sides are run by extremists!”, by way of excusing the Palestinians.

I’m going to link to this piece by Dennis Prager – the best, simplest explanation of the last seventy years I’ve ever seen.

“The Israelis want to have a state.  The Palestinians want the Jews dead”.

There is no moral equivalence.

4 thoughts on “Death Cult

  1. Kind of like Jews vs. Hitler. They didn’t have any problem with him perse, except he wanted them all dead for somewhat similar reasons Palestinians want them dead. Gaza should be leveled and then rebuilt.

  2. Jews (and now Christians) have been cleansed from almost every Muslim, mideast, and/or north African nation. That leaves little tiny Israel. That little very liberal nation that you would think western progressives would love. Yet the left, including most Big Protestant churches, side with the neo-Nazi’s who are trying to finish the job by exterminating Israel.

  3. I’ve seen a half dozen conservative friends link to this video on Facebook, followed by lengthy harangues from those who disagree with the video, and ALL THE HARANGUES tiptoe around the fact “The Israelis want to have a state. The Palestinians want the Jews dead.”

    Some people would rather argue, at length, the etymology of Philistines to Palestinians than just admit to the fucking obvious.

  4. Not to put all muslims in a box but I can’t remember any Jewish folks demanding something like a Caliphate. Nor can I remember any story of a Jew blowing himself and others up in the marketplace or town square. Moral equivalence? Not by a stretch !!

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