The Democratic Party Just Isn’t That Into You Anymore

To:  African-America
From: The Democrat Party
Re:  Can We Still Be Friends? (Meaning: Please Keep Voting For Us)

 Dear African-America:

We – the Democrat Party – know, we know, we know:  Fifty years of the “War on Poverty” have left Afro-America poorer, but has immensely enriched the political class.  Fifty years of “Affirmative Action” have left you underrepresented in general society, but been great for transferring wealth to our lawyer friends.  Thirty years of “War on Drugs” have left your neighborhoods scarred and a disproportionate number of your male population in jail.  14 people weren’t killed last weekend in the white parts of Chicago!  Of course, the economy under President Obama has been vastly worse for African-Americans than any other segment of society. 

And now, the current wave of illegal immigration is hurting your corner of the economy worse than anyone else’s. 

Why is this happening? 

Because African-Americans are no longer the biggest minority, and we Democrats have to be planning for the future.  And Latino votes count as much as yours do, except, of course, there’s more of them, so…

…anyway, hope you keep voting Democrat!


The Democrat Party

4 thoughts on “The Democratic Party Just Isn’t That Into You Anymore

  1. Rahm has fallen behind a potential challenger in Chi town. Unfortunately for Chicago it’s the public school union head. I forget if she is merely a far, far left socialist like Hugo Chvez, or more of a moderate communist like Molotov. Either way it isn’t getting any better there any time soon.

  2. Blacks vote, what? 90 to 99% Democrat. And will for the forseeable future. As you state, their population isn’t growning that fast. Especially with the high rate of abortion (60% in NYC). So Obama and the Dems are importing millions of hispanics. Going to give them all knids of free stuff. Hispanics will get the attention.

    Problem with the Black population, there is no centrist leader waiting to come forward. Instead you get Shelia Jackson Lee, Keith Ellison, and what John Lewis has transformed into.

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