Minnesota Has A Motor-Mouthed Congresswoman!

The national media loves Michele Bachmann; conservative media have made her probably the most-booked member of the House’s sophomore class because she is a no-holds-barred, no-compromise conservative Ultimate Fighter who is both telegenic and, usually, much more articulate than the typical pol.  Watching or listening to most politicians is indistinguishable from reading their press releases; Bachmann’s got style.

Leftymedia like her because, ironically, she’s got style; as noted here before, she’s not measured and calculating; she speaks from her heart, which is on a specially-built structure way ahead of her sleeve. When she gets on a rhetorical roll, she can be a little like Captain Wild Bill Kelso.

Of course, this being Minnesota, our in-the-bag mainstream media and too-often-deranged lefty “alternative” media will focus on Bachmann to exclusion (as their masters demand).

Fortunately, we have a conservative altmedia these days that can spread the joy around a little bit.  Brian at Fraters has been doing the gumshoe gatekeeping that the rest of the Twins’ media refuses to in re my “representative”, Betty “Rubble” McCollum.  He presents three posts and counting ( here, here and here) of Rep. McCollum’s gaffes.

One consistent theme is McCollum’s tendency to use unnecessary, dramatic adjectives. Example, her comments on the never ending Coleman-Franken election recount:

“Now that the state Canvassing Board has certified Mr. Franken as the winner of Minnesota’s Senate seat, following an exceptionally transparent, bipartisan, and meticulous recount process, it is time for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to immediately seat Mr. Franken to ensure that Minnesotans have full representation in the U.S. Senate.”

Betty McCollum’s hierarchy of transparency:— buttered slice of 7-grain bread: slightly transparent
—- jar of Vaseline: moderately transparent
—— pane of glass: very transparent
——– Minnesota’s election recount process: exceptionally transparent

Oh, there’s more.  Much more. Check it out.

First Ringer from TvM did.  And he notes:

The real reason no one cares to make the slightest issue out of any “oops!” statement Betty McCollum makes is that she’s safely entrenched in her seat.  Short of cutting a campaign commerical with a heroin needle in one arm and a bottle of Jack Daniels cradled in the other, McCollum will be repeatedly returned to Washington by 30 or 40-point margins.  As Fraters‘ Brian “St. Paul” Ward bemoans, “the combination of the belief that she is called on to save the world and her control over US taxpayer dollars, which she believes to be unlimited, is a toxic asset and a prescription for disaster…Does the bubble ever pop on these people?”

They used to say that the only way for a Democrat to lose office in Chicago was to be caught with a live boy or a dead girl.  I’d say “it’s the other way around for McCollum”, but in the Fourth District, I’m not even that sure.

6 thoughts on “Minnesota Has A Motor-Mouthed Congresswoman!

  1. “Exceptionally transparent,” eh? Oh my God, what a gaffe! Kinda like Ford saying the Soviets didn’t dominate Eastern Europe. Or Palin boasting about how close Alaska is to Russia. Or Bush saying, well, anything.

    Bit of a reach actually, dontcha think?

  2. McCollum is still alive? I live in her district and have yet to hear anything from or about her. And that is good. If you live in a left wing district, the best you can hope for is a congresman who does nothing.

    Mitch, any word on when the Star-Tribune is going to run a story on slow Joe Biden’s coke snorting daughter? I mean, it’s not like a Palen girl snorting coke, but still, you’d think they would run at least one story on it.

  3. Angryguy, I am not sure that is damning with faint praise, or praising with strong approbation.

  4. McCollum is a rubber stamp for Pelosi.

    AssClown, continues to show ignorance.
    Like Betty, you are way out of your league. Now be a good AssClown and go amuse some first graders.

    “exceptionally transparent”?

    Not according to Justice Anderson. (That’s probably another good reason to demand that he recuse himself!!!)

    MN Supreme Court Justice Anderson stated: “I do think it’s a real issue, and I think it’s a very good likelihood that there is double counting here.”

  5. Betty is incredibly dumb. One of her more famous stunts was trying to force Arden Hills into using some of the old TCAAP into a huge facility for the Postal Service. Arden Hills didn’t want it (the city wanted to decide for itself how to use the land — what a novel concept) and the Postal Service wanted to expand their existing facilities in Eagan, which has the added benefit of being closer to the airport. No one wanted this except Betty. Fortunately for everyone, Norm Coleman got involved and stopped this travesty from occurring. We haven’t seen much of ol’ Betty in northwestern Ramsey County since then.

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