It’s The Minnesota Way!

So you want to effect some change in Minnesota politics?  Perhaps right a wrong that you see?

What’s the best way to do it?

Spend years mustering supporters and changing public opinion?  Like the Tea Party?

Or sit in tents out on the sidewalk, warmed only by relentless NPR coverage, like “Occupy?”

Nonsense.  Just have a plutocrat father who had his office bought for him by your stepmom!

During an interview with the Post-Bulletin’s Editorial Board last week, Dayton said his sons Andrew and Eric Dayton have been making the case that tipped employees should be treated differently. His sons own the Minneapolis restaurant “The Bachelor Farmer.”

“It may be that we have to fine tune it. I understand my sons’ frustration with the tip credit issue. They make a very articulate case,” he said.

During the legislative session, the Minnesota Restaurant Association had pushed hard for a tiered tipped employee system. Under that proposal, an employee whose wages and tips equaled at least $12 per hour would be paid at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Dayton said his sons have said that the minimum wage increase means their wait staff will be making significantly more per hour than the dishwashers and other staff.


…I seem to remember a governor’s race four years ago.  Where a candidate suggested exactly that.  And was pelted with pennies, to the gleeful tittering of the local media and left (ptr).

So the next time you’re a liberal dilettante and you find your hobby restaurant is being financially stressed by the DFL legislature’s innumerate noodling in the labor markets, just make sure an assembly of oligarchic plutocrats gets Dadders elected!

Problem solved!

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTION:  By my count, this is the third or fourth law that Governor Messinger Dayton had to sign to know what it’d do.

16 thoughts on “It’s The Minnesota Way!

  1. Here’s the better argument for the guv: Suppose your sons own a pharmacy and the price of Atavan is putting a stress on dad. Or, the multiple prescriptions cannot be legally honored? Do you have a right to insist on a “livable wage” for the staff, keep a steady suppy of Atavan flowing to dad and insist someone else cover any potential losses?

    Put it in a language he can understand.

  2. Well, at least his sons have more real world experience than the governor. Of course my cat has more real world experience than the governor.

  3. Hello, Ben? Yeah, hey, Ben, listen: you’ve been the Chamber of Commerce’s lobbyist for what, couple of years now? And you’re doing a great job, really, just terrific. But the thing is, see, that minimum wage hike got passed and a lot of our members are really irked about it. So a couple of us were reading the paper and what do we see? The Governor is open to tweak the law. Turns out the Dayton boys have got the Old Man’s Ear, see what I mean? As lobbyists, they are Effective. They Get Things Done. So we’re thinking we might need to make changes here, see . . . .

  4. The vast majority of the idiotic MN nice population will look and say “of course! that’s not fair!” while a few of us are saying, “Oh…since when do the governor’s offspring have the political force to enact change to duly passed law? No conflict of interest there, is there?”

    The level of political idiocy in this state never ceases to amaze.

  5. I don’t have a huge problem if someone sincerely “evolves”. Or new information or conditions appear that change things. But the Democrats made this a huge part of their hate campaign against Tom Emmer. I recall how nasty it got as they accused Emmer of being a horrible monster (and ran ads saying that) because he supported an item that now Mark Dayton supports also.
    If Dayton and the Democrats do “tweak” the law, I really would want Dayton to apoligize to Emmer.

  6. Chuck; there are two chances of that happening; slim and none. Slim’s putting his coat on!

  7. I’m a foodie. And I will NEVER, under any circumstances whatsoever, go to the Bachelor Farmer. F*ck them. In the a$$. With a shovel.

  8. Rework an old building, use the roof for growing vegetables, pretentious menu…..five will get you ten “The Bachelor Farmer” is a money sink that would appall any true Scandihoovian.

    But that said, why is it that the Dayton brothers, of all people, cannot pay a decent wage? Let’s think about this one for a bit. So even with inflated prices for basic fare, they cannot pay a living wage…..

  9. This will surprise no one, I’m sure, but both Dayton boys have prestigious degrees and no real world experience as far as I can tell. Chips off the old block. Good for them, they’ve got a trust fund in a tax shelter state to keep them going.

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