If We Had…

… An institution – perhaps one with transmitters and printing presses and stuff, maybe even staffed by a group of people who consider themselves part of a higher, almost monastic calling, that are ostensibly devoted to the sort of thing…
…then perhaps someone would ask Al Franken if he agrees with Dianne Feinstein about the whole Bergdahl controversy.
I know. That’s just crazy talk.

3 thoughts on “If We Had…

  1. Now that Franken has gone into Klobuchar Mode – sweet, gauzily lit, slice-of-life commercials featuring ‘real’ Minnesotans (why one even sounded like an extra from the movie “Fargo”) our Democrat Dominated Media Culture (DDMC) won’t be asking any tough or even moderately uncomfortable questions of the incumbent candidate for Senate. So yes, Mitch, the idea that the DDMC will ask him about Obama’s illegal prisoner exchange, IS crazy talk.
    Given that the political reporter from the Strib characterized Mark Dayton as
    “a more nuanced leader with a strong libertarian strain pulsing in his political blood line”, does it really matter anyway if they did?

  2. Franken will “mail in” his campaign this time around unless McFadden throws a hard punch. Al has ample supplies of money, media and misinformation to see him through. If that fails, he can promise to buy goodies with Washington wampum.

    Having said that – what he doesn’t have on his side is truth.

    Will that matter? Or are Minnesotans so institutionally dulled by media and academic brainwashing – as to be blind to this thing called “liberty?”

    The jury is still out. Stay tuned.

  3. McFadden needs to run a Wellstone type campaign. Can he portray Franken as a coke-snorting New Yorker who raises most of his money in Hollywood?

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