Word has it that Fast Eddie Schultz – the single liberal talk show host in the business who understood anything about doing radio – is calling in the dogs and whizzing on the fire.

(Yes, I know – Stephanie Miller. But her only good idea is copying Laura Ingraham’s show in every single particular; otherwise, she’s just another shrill Taylor Marsh clone).

On the one hand, Schultz was literally the only liberal in talk radio who understood anything about doing radio, as opposed to standup comedy, essay writing or speaking to a roomful of people. They’re very, very different things.

On the other hand? Schultz may be the only host in talk radio who is actually as dumb as the left thinks conservative talk hosts are.

So adios, Fast Eddie. It’s one step further on the journey to forgetting you ever existed.

5 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzzzz

  1. “I’ll continue not to care very much one way or another.”

    That’d be my sentiment.

  2. Speaking of the market, I’m writing these posts on an automated waiter at the airport while I wait for my beer. I’m guessing minimum wage doesn’t apply here.

  3. Automated waiter for beer?

    I’m envisioning a credit card reader, a cup dispenser and a tap…

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