Kill National Popular Vote With Greasy Fire, Part II: An Experiment


“I oppose National Popular Vote (NPV), and I urge you to oppose it too.  It will centralize power  on the coasts”.

Now, to wait…

4 thoughts on “Kill National Popular Vote With Greasy Fire, Part II: An Experiment

  1. I believe that a similar sentiment was behind a past movement to separate Northern Saint Louis County from Southern Saint Louis County, making each a separate county.

    There was some merit to that, but I think the Southern county would have benefitted least. I believe the same motivation was behind the proposed change.

  2. American Standard said:

    The NPV is better than the KJV on the QT. QED, PDQ — WTF?

    Kohler replied:

    There was a wisteria vine blooming for the second time that summer on a wooden trellis before one window, into which sparrows came now and then in random gusts, making a dry vivid dusty sound before going away: and opposite Quentin, Miss Coldfield in the eternal black which she had worn for forty-three years now, whether for sister, father, or nothusband noone knew, sitting so bolt upright in the straight hard chair that was so tall for her that her legs hung straight and rigid as if she had iron shinbones and ankles, clear of the floor with that air of impotent and static rage like children’s feet, and talking in that grim haggard amazed voice until at last listening would renege and hearing-sense self-confound and the long-dead object of her impotent yet indomitable frustration would appear, as though by outraged recapitulation evoked, quiet inattentive and harmless, out of the binding and dreamy and victorious dust.

  3. This post is an anti-bot test, no?

    Besides, what do you have against Net Present Value?

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