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Two new blogs to report:

No Longer I Who Live“, by John Stewart – who presided over “Night Writer” for a long time. ¬†John was recently diagnosed with a serious illness – but the blog doesn’t take the usual approach to the subject.

And “Nooj” is in the process of slowly launching “Bar Chords” – about the law, rock and roll, and…well, we’ll see.

Of course, some of my favorite “old” blogs keep chugging away; Bill Glahn¬†(perhaps the only investigative reporter working in Minnesota today), Mr. D, Katie Kieffer, MLP and of course the Fraters are still writing regularly – sometimes very regularly.

3 thoughts on “In Blog-Related News

  1. Thanks, Mitch. I’d hope no one is surprised if I don’t take the usual approach on anything! I’m having some trouble getting the Disqus comment section to work on the new site, but I hope that is cleared up soon.

  2. Interestingly, Chad from Fraters and I are both den leaders in our sons’ Cub Scout troop. I wasn’t a regular reader of Fraters, but his name rang a bell from listening to you/reading SiTD for years, and I confirmed that it was him with Lassie. He is the den right behind mine, and at the beginning of his first year, he and I met for an hour so I could pass on materials and methods of what I had done the previous year. He mentioned that he wrote a piece about the first Cub Scout troop they had tried was not so good, and ours was much better. When I told him I had already read it, that I knew he wrote for Fraters, that I was involved in SD45 politics and that I knew you a bit and Lassie a bit more, we spent another hour discussing local politics and ideology. That was awesome.

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