Limited Engagement

Just dropping a quick line to let you know that one of the most popular features in the history of this blog, “Hot Gear Friday”, will be making its return this Friday for a limited run of, well, hot gear!

7 thoughts on “Limited Engagement

  1. Certainly hoping not to spoil anything, but I checked out a Remington R51 at Gander Mtn over the weekend and love the size and the way it feels in the hand. For something labeled a subcompact I was able to fully grip, without sacrificing the concealability.

    I will likely rent one and put a box through it to make sure but I think I’m sold.

  2. Adrian, I have had the opportunity to put a few rounds through one of those and it is a very nice piece of hardware. You might want to see if you can find one at Mills Fleet Farm, because IMO Gander Mountain’s prices are about 11-15% higher on firearms.

    I won’t buy anything from Dick’s out of principle. They briefly stopped selling AR-15s after Sandy Hook and despite what they said the reason was, I felt that they were caving in to the gun grabbers.

  3. Gander is a little higher, although if you are diligent you can find some really good sale prices there.

    Although I love Fleet Farm too.

  4. I have already checked my local “man mall”, was advised (and it has been my experience) that they typically don’t get firearms until they’ve been out for a while (R51 is new).

    The only reason I stopped at GM was they actually had it (Bill’s in Robbinsdale didn’t even yet). Now I might check if FF can order…or I might go through PSA or KYGunCO…

  5. Frontiersman Sports has a Remington R51 and on display and will special order one for $379.00.

  6. Don’t forget the Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association (MWCA) show at the State Fairgrounds Education Building this weekend. There is also a military collector’s show at one of the nearby fair buildings during the same time frame.

    Might not see the new Remington there, or get a good deal, but you never know. However, the big box places tend to get the newer, popular stuff first, at better volume prices. Last week Gander Mountain advertised them at $399 in their flyer. FYI …

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