Blowing In The Wind

Winston Churchill once said “I’d rather be right than consistent”.  I’ve always agreed with this; I don’t personally care if I – or someone else – changes their mind on an issue, as long as the mind gets changed in the right direction. 

Turns out Governor Messinger Mark Dayton knows that quote too.

Of course, as MPR’s Tom Scheck notes, if you simultaneously take every position on an issue – say, medical marijuana – you can be right no matter what. 


Here’s a sampling of what he’s said since January.


• “I told law enforcement groups when I ran for office four years ago that I would not support medical marijuana over their strident opposition, and they are still stridently opposed.” — TPT Almanac, Jan. 31

• “I’m told by law enforcement that you can buy marijuana in any city in Minnesota. We have the distribution system already set up. It’s extra legal. It’s basically not a crime, excuse me a very minor crime, for people who possess an amount for personal use.” — conference call with reporters, March 13.

• “The real goal is to help as many of these kids as possible. The experiment is part of the framework of it but our real goal is to help people and to relieve suffering and pain.” — news conference, March 21.

• “Absent the interests of the authors in accepting something that can be supported more broadly, I don’t think there’s anywhere to go this session.” — MPR News interview, March 25.

• “I’ve said all I’m going to say about medical marijuana. You had statements. You asked questions. I’ll give you another statement. I’m just not going to discuss it further.” — news conference, March 28.

And as Scheck notes, it’s far from the first time Dayton has tired to play all sides of a fractious issue; Taxes, Zygi WIlf’s real-estate improvement handout…the list goes on. 

My thesis – Dayton is going to bounce around like a blind overcaffeinated ferret in a daycare playroom on any issue where Alita Messinger and Carrie Lucking haven’t affirmatively told him what to think.

2 thoughts on “Blowing In The Wind

  1. If Dayton gets re-elected, I’ll disavow any suggestion I was ever to within 500 miles of Minnesota. No offense, it’s a matter of self-preservation.

  2. Don’t forget to include self-respect …

    There was a time not long ago when I smugly dismissed things like Mr. Dayton actually getting elected in the first place, U. S. citizens actually embracing The Dream Act, and Minnesotans not overwhelmingly supporting voter ID.

    Then I woke up on November 7, 2012. Sometimes it’s good to have your commonly held beliefs challenged, but that was way too hard. As it stands now, I consider nothing and no one to be too foolish to be considered to be a viable threat from the left.

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