Demand Integrity!

Keith Ellison, speaking to the Democrats’ greatest public intellectual, Bill Maher, had the following exchange:

“Why doesn’t your party come out against the Second Amendment? It’s a problem,” Maher asks, to which Ellison replies, “I sure wish they would. I sure wish they would.”

I with the Democrat Party would do it, too.  It’d be a sign of integrity. 

Even with the extra context that the City Pages’ Aaron Rupar is careful to note (for Ellison):

It should be noted, however, that earlier in the segment Ellison said, “I don’t think you have to eliminate ownership of all guns in order to get some common-sense gun rules.” So what he means in saying he wishes Dems would come out against the Second Amendment isn’t totally clear.

Of course it is.

Ellison believes the Democrats should endorse the idea that civil rights and liberties are gifts from the government to the people.  Things to be doled out by a wide, benificent government to the gabbling rabble they are chose to rule. 

Ellison just wants the Democrat party to reclaim its legacy as the party of people who decide who gets what rights – just like it did under slavery and Jim Crow. 

It’s perfectly clear.

12 thoughts on “Demand Integrity!

  1. I see Ellison protested outside the Supreme Court earlier this week, him being against the religious people. So we have a guy who is pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-religious rights. I’m starting to think that he really isn’t a Muslim, but maybe was just a young leftwing black guy who thought he’d do what was cool for young leftwing black guys to do back in the day.

  2. Just FYI —
    The phrase “michelle bachmann asked about religion” returns 2,396,000 google hits.
    The phrase “keith ellison asked about religion” returns just over 100,000 hits.
    Kind of strange for America’s first Muslim congressman to receive far fewer questions about his religion than the conventionally protestant Michelle Bachmann, isn’t it?
    I used to have fun reminding liberals that both G.W. Bush and Hillary Clinton were Episcopalians. Somehow they had had come to the conclusion that Bush was a fundamentalist and that Clinton belonged to no conventional religious denomination. What an odd world we live in. It’s not like it was secret information.

  3. Chuck — I believe Ellison was raised Catholic. In one interview he gave a long response to a question about why he had forsaken Catholicism for Islam. His response was that he felt that he could do more for his community as a Muslim than as a Catholic. In other words, he changed his religion to better suit his personal political goals.

  4. Powhatan, actually both are Methodists, though W has some evangelical leanings in the way he presents himself, while Mrs. Clinton tends towards the “liberal” (theologically, culturally, and politically) wing of the UMC.

    Forgiveable error, though, because the Methodists are the “Methodist Episcopal Church” (meaning they have bishops), and W. did grow up Episcopalian.

    And it does illustrate the big schism in the UMC. There is a strong evangelical wing, especially in the South, but in the North, the theological liberals are dominant until you get to the rural churches, where you will often find a lay preacher (a big Methodist and Baptist tradition) who is evangelical. The contrast is unmistakeable–my grandmother is Methodist, and when I go into her church (with an evangelical pastor), I pretty much need to look at the sign, the bulletin, and the hymnal to ascertain that I am, indeed, in a UMC building.

  5. And Ellison’s version of Islam convinces me about as much as Mr. Obama’s version of Christianity. I wish I would be surprised if they were found eating pork chops and drinking beer between an Asherah pole and shrine to Molech, but I wouldn’t.

  6. Bush converted to Methodism.

    My belief? There is zero doubt in my mind that Obama is an Atheist. His mother was a fundamentalist Atheist and I see nothing about him to make me think he is not.

    Obama and Ellison both “converted” to religions that happened to promote their political careers.

  7. Hakim X will say about anything as long as it gets him noticed and attention. The guy makes my skin crawl.

  8. Scott, you are right and he will have a job for life as long he does. I think the “anything” is what gets him his media attention.

    I am hopeful he will be limited to only his district. If he wises-up and tries to expand his influence, he will lose his entertainment value and media followers.

  9. I think it’s odd that the Senate’s First Muslim would be against the Second Amendment. If his gun-control plans succeed, how will his co-religionists defend themselves when the Fundamentalist Lutheran backlash comes, the one we’re warned about after every terrorist attack? And how will his co-religionists carry out those same terrorist attacks in the first place? I don’t think he’s thought this all the way through.

  10. Mr. Doaks: I suspect that Rep. Ellison’s interpretation of gun control is literal. It probably does not include explosives such as IEDs, shoe, and vest bombs.

  11. Either we have God given rights or natural rights. In either case one has the right to self defense. What ever is done about guns has to make sense in this context.

    I’d love to see someone grill Ellison on where we get our rights from. This is a very, very important subject. It’s just laughable to discuss this with some liberals. Carrie Lucking in particular.

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