Chanting Points Memo: Koch Fiends

How much reporting could conservatives save by simply referring to Berg’s Seventh Law – “When a Liberal issues a group defamation or assault on conservatives’ ethics, character, humanity or respect for liberty or the truth, they are at best projecting, and at worst drawing attention away from their own misdeeds” – to explain “progressive” efforts to slander/”attack” conservatives, their organizations, and their supporters? 

Hard to say.  Lots.

That said, it’s good to get the details.

James Taranto chronicles the left’s current assault on  the Koch Brothers – who, along with the tiny think tank “ALEC” and the NRA are the the repository of most lefty boogeyman-mongering – and finds it a troubling variant on a standard “progressive” tactic…:

We’re torn between finding this effort sinister and ridiculous, and the truth is it’s both. Alinskyite tactics were meant to be applied against the powerful by the powerless. When applied by powerful men, like Reid, who are supposed to be public servants, they take on the character of tyranny rather than rebellion.

…as well as a classic case of Berg’s Seventh Law in action (

No doubt the Kochs can take it, but note that his attack aimed not only at them but also at ordinary Americans who have been victimized by ObamaCare and spoken out about it. The aim is clearly to intimidate others and thereby suppress information about ObamaCare’s failures.

Not to mention make dissenting from the “progressive” narrative too painful for non-billionaires to carry on.  See also “Joe the Plumber”.

8 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: Koch Fiends

  1. In the meantime, Reid rents out Senate floor to the environazi loonies subsidized by a liberal billionaire nutcase.

  2. I swear that the more egregious the lie, the higher in pitch his voice gets. I listened to him yesterday squeaking about the “shadowy figures, the Koch brothers”. I suspect that just because you can’t hear him, he could still really be laying it on. Perhaps the presence of a Golden Retriever would be useful as a High Pitch Harry warning device. His speech was so formulaic with all the chants that only a true fool would not be able to see through the patter.

    I also wish that HPH was correct, and that I was really lying about my $150 ACA monthly healthcare premium increase. If I could get the additional $1800 per annum back, I’d wash out my own mouth with soap …

  3. This is similiar to what is going on in Wisconsin. A Democrat county attorney in Milwaukee (where many people on his staff signed the recall petition) is coming up with fake investigations of the governor. Nothing comes of these (remember when the Democrats came up with 62 fake ethics complaints against Newt Gingrich), but what it does is gives him power to try to find out who is donating money to conservative groups, then make those lists public. To intimidate future donors. Its called gangster government.

    And it ties to your earlier post. About MSM working with the left. If the left wants to put pressure on a business, the media complies and runs story after story about the “contraversial actions of” the business.

  4. Oh, and George Soros is working with and funding the Democrats in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal actually reported this a couple of weeks ago. I was impressed. The Koch brothers employ thousands of union workers at their mills in Wisconsin.

  5. LOL! And I bet those most of those people that work for the Kochs are the same ones deriding them.

    Maybe someone should put it on the streets that this idiot attorney and some of the other minions, always keeps a lot of cash in their houses, as retaliation. Let’s see their reaction when some of their fellow useful idiots show up to redistribute THEIR wealth.

  6. At what point will it become appropriate to start posting the pictures, addresses, GPS coordinates, Google streetviews, automobile descriptions and license plate numbers, employers, schools, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of these people, their spouses/significant others and their children on the web?

  7. mnbubba; That happened in to the editor and executives of that newspaper in CT. After they published the list of gun owners, they turned it around on the self righteous SOBs. They didn’t like it!

  8. A few months ago I found Lois Lerner’s house on google maps. It’s in a Maryland suburb, a McMansion worth a million-five. In Hawaii they have a saying about the early missionaries, “they came to do good, and they did right well”, meaning that they had come to Hawaii to help the Hawaiians, and their descendants ended up owning the place.
    I found Chris Matthews and Thos Friedman’s place online. They live in almost exclusively white, wealthy neighborhoods. Imagine mansions on large, groomed lots, white old guys and their families the only owners, with beat up cars full of low paid Central American and American Black servants driving here and there to mow the lawns, take care of the children, and cook the meals. That’s liberal heaven, these guys choose to live in places like that.
    It would creep me out.
    Friedman justifies his extremely large house by saying that he buys carbon credits. He is utterly oblivious to the fact that he can buy carbon credits because he is rich. “I am wealthy, so I can live in a giant house. You are poor, therefore you must live in a shoebox. It’s not unfair, it’s environmentalism”. And he got his money the old-fashioned way. He married it. His wife is an heiress to a fortune made by financing suburban shopping malls.
    Liberal choose their heroes oddly.

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