5 thoughts on “Palin: 1. Obama: 0

  1. There is also something about Romney saying in the fall of 2012 that Russia is our biggest foreign policy adversary, to which Obama replied something like the 1980s called and wants their foreign policy back.
    A quick internet search finds a large number of MSM stores from Oct 2012 mocking and ridiculing Romney for his concerns about Russia. But in hindsite, perhaps community organizer isn’t the best training for President.

  2. Part of the progressive world view is that history is progressive. making war is barbaric, and we become more civilized as time goes on. They believe that we learn moral lessons the same way we learn lessons about the natural world (and they believe man is entirely a creation of natural world). War is barbaric, societies managed by a professional class have no need of it.
    This is an extreme, ideological position that is not supported by historical FACT and is on extremely shaky ground as an idea (what is there about civilized behavior that privileges its transmission through generations?).
    Obama said today that Putin is on the wrong side of history.
    The poor fellow believes that history has ‘sides’.

  3. Last night on Fox News President Obama was shown making a speech to some democratic partisans in DC yesterday. He was having a ball doing a stand-up bit in which he mocked the opposition (GOP) in what some may consider a humorous fashion. Fortunately, drew the line at pie throwing.

    With all that’s going on at the moment, you’d think he’d want to present a unified front, encouraging all to stand together while the situation in the Ukraine plays out. Maybe he assumed his “wrong side of history” barb so demoralized Putin that the president wanted to use the same strategy on his true enemies.

    While I doubt that he is any more adept a “the dozens” than I am, he seems to have adopted it as a defensive tool. (“Speaking of defensive tools, did you see Barak …”) Sorry, it’s catching. It was sort of pathetic. Such behavior is hardly appropriate outside the press corps (silent P) banquet or private conversation, and never so under present circumstances.

    People are watching him and I really doubt that any of them, even his “people” weren’t wincing a bit. You’d think someone would clue him in …

  4. There is a line on the left that Putin has fallen into Obama’s trap. Obama has cleverly exposed Putin as a thug, and is rallying the international community against him.
    Imagine how much more of a pickle Putin will find himself in when he invades Poland!

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