DFL: “Peasants! Continue Rendering Tribute!”

This is the photo that “Alliance for a Better Minnesota” posted on Twitter just now, in the wake of the announcement that Minnesota has a billion dollar budget surplus:

That’s right, Governor Dayton. Thanks for putting $1.2 Billion in the state coffers. Those must have been some righteous Renoirs you sold.

Oh, wait. What’s that? The surplus is revenue above and beyond the $2 Billion in tax hikes that is forecast to be taken in by the state in the coming year.

From us. The taxpayer.

And yep, the DFL is already trying to think of ways to spend it – to give a little of it back to you, the people who  paid it in in the first place, and spend the rest on, largely, graft for the DFL’s owners supporters. 

Oh, yeah – notwithstanding the fact that the surplus exists solely because of the GOP’s restraint in spending and holding back the budget (imperfect as they were at that) over the past four years, the DFL is claiming credit…

…along with every dime they can from this surplus.

So yes.  Thanks, Governor Dayton, for taking more of my money – about $250 for every man, woman and child in Minnesota – out of the economy than even the DFL’s spendthrift budget could. 

Thank you so very much.

7 thoughts on “DFL: “Peasants! Continue Rendering Tribute!”

  1. Yup! And we’ll see how many more Minnesotans will step up to pay for it.

    Off topic, but by the way, the UN Small Arms Treaty was defeated 57 – 46, with 46 miscreants with Ds after their names, voting to give up our weapons control to the UN. Of course, our good little DFL stooges Amy and Stuart cast their votes with the rest of their Obamatards for this travesty. Let’s get the word out that these two clowns really don’t give a rat’s ass about Minnesota.

  2. I can understand the governor thinking it’s a good thing and that it reflects well on him, But, anyone with half a brain should at best see it as incompetence on the part of MN government. At worst …? It’s like celebrating un unexpectedly large tax refund and citing it as an example of your financial expertise.

    If Governor Dayton’s solution to handling the excess holds, the next time a merchant overcharges you, they need not refund the excess. Just return part of it, then use the rest to purchase items from their inventory that they think you need.

    Thanks for the update, bosshoss … For some reason, I always seem to be away from a media outlet when this issue is covered. Some coincidence. I would (hope) think that this issue would be useful to Franken’s opponent. Gun issue aside, relinquishing home control of such fundamental issues to others outside of our country should be abhorrent to Minnesotans of all political persuasions …

  3. Mitch:

    Lets not forget that a big (if not the sole reason) is capital gains income being realized from the growth in the stock market. Just how did Mark Dayton do that?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  4. Kudos to the photo-shop editor; dude’s a true artist. Why, I cannot detect Jim Beam’s Thorazine glaze without a determined effort.

  5. Re: The Arms Trade Treaty and in the interest of keeping conservatives properly armed to fleece moonbats in debate, according to Snopes:

    “the measure voted upon was not the treaty itself, but a non-binding test amendment expressing opposition to the ATT which was tacked onto an unrelated congressional budget resolution. The record of the U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote confirms that all the senators who voted against the amendment were Democrats or independents.”


  6. Dayton needs to keep his exposure to still pictures. The less we hear of him slurring his words like he’s still recovering from last night’s bender, the better.

  7. OK, we’ve got a surplus. How about a tax cut for a third of it, and then skip a bonding bill this year and fund special projects out of our cash flow?

    Or is it, as I suspect, easier to fund stupid projects like light rail with bonds instead of direct tax revenues? Sorry, but it’s flat out weird that our state has a bonding bill every two years 150 years after we became a state. It’s like our legis-critters either have no ability to plan ahead, or they’re addicted to spending money for stupid stuff.

    There’s that light rail again. Speaking of states that should know better, a full third of the toll revenues of the Illinois Tollway Authority go to paying bond interest, and another third goes to maintaining the toll booths. We are talking about a seriously inefficient revenue model there…..

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