Gonna Need A New Meme

One of the de-rallying cries of the disaffected conservative is that there’s juuust no difference between the two major parties.

The left is actively promoting that message on the right – even as it tries to tear down the Tea Party.


Because the Tea Party proves it’s false.


2 thoughts on “Gonna Need A New Meme

  1. I suspect that this phrase is just a way to explain something that the explainer is unable to articulate or is too lazy to undertake. Or, perhaps is afraid to explain for fear of upsetting the listener, because he may lose favor within his cohort, or is afraid of being called a racist. Sort of a political “It’s not you, it’s me …”.

    This easy way out is similar to the “fiscal conservative/ social liberal” ID. Again, a desire to hold a position only if it’s easy and doesn’t cost them anything.

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