With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Chris Christie – who has stared down mobsters and the New Jersey teachers union, pardon the redundancy, and who issued a denial of knowledge last week of his staff’s alleged shenanigans that is tailor-made to backfire if he does happen to be lying – has come under attack by…

…Gail Collins of the NYTimes.

A woman who recently argued against her colleagues’ sending their good-for-nothing kids who’d been camping in their parents’ basements since graduating from Bard College with degrees in Victimization Studies to North Dakota to earn their keep in the oil fields because of the forty minute lines at McDonalds.

I’m not actually going to ask you to read Gail Collins.

Merely to note that the fact that Gail Collins has written about Chris Christie should be treated as a point for the defense.

Sort of like Nick Coleman.  Only at least Nick Coleman isn’t at the Times.

3 thoughts on “With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

  1. I don’t suppose we could mount a letter writing campaign to get the Times to hire Coleman? He’d have to move to NY though.

  2. You may have heard that Christie was the #1 presidential contender in a recent quinnipiac poll. Here it is: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/institutes-and-centers/polling-institute/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=1994

    The poll is an utterly meaningless ‘likability’ poll, that is, it measures name recognition more than anything else. Christie, Huckabee, and Elizabeth Warren (aka ‘the Squaw’) all score within 5 points of each other.
    When the respondents are broken down by party, Christie comes in at #10 among republicans.
    Who came up with the crazy idea that Christie could be the GOP presidential nominee in 2016? Democrat ‘journalists’ and op-ed writers?

  3. “Who came up with the crazy idea that Christie could be the GOP presidential nominee in 2016? Democrat ‘journalists’ and op-ed writers?”

    Likely the same folks who brought us John McCain: Maverick and Republican Presidential Candidate. Unless the GOP can reorganize and get their priorities in synch with non-democrats, I’d be surprised if he didn’t wind up on the ticket in one of the two positions …

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