Journalistic Ethics And Slippery Slopes

Last fall, Bill Glahn pondered the “journalistic ethics” of Minnesota Public Radio News taking underwriting money from one of the government bodies it’s supposed to be scrutinizing – in this case, MNSure’s sponsorship of Keri Miller’s “Daily Current” show:

The host’s interruptions of the token conservative are not just to challenge facts or opinion.  On two occasions, MPR’s Miller interrupts Republican Golnik to defend Democrat Governor Dayton—on the Vikings Stadium [30:22] and on MPR News’ sponsor MNsure.

Nobody’s mistaken Keri Miller for a non-biased journalist in 25 years; she’s about as balanced as Bill O’Reilly. 

But Glahn notes that, yes, MNSure – an agency of the government of the state of Minnesota – sponsors MPR News. 

So now, we get the news that the directors of MNSure and Minnesota’s Medicaid director took a vacation to Costa Rica together (as the MNSure site was debuting to terrible reviews). 

Now, is there a conflict of interest, here?  Knowing that if MNSure actually does crater, its victims clients will likely get thrown into Medicaid?   I don’t know – yet.  But I’ll find out. 

If there were a problem (and MPR’s coverage so far seems to tell us “nothing to see here, move along, people“), would MPR be the one to tell us? 

Along with their acceptance of funding from the Joyce Foundation – the major funder of anti-gun-rights organizations in the US – specifically to provide gun-related content (and biased, slanted anti-gun content at that), I have to ask; when do people who care about actual journalism start asking questions about these financial entanglements?

11 thoughts on “Journalistic Ethics And Slippery Slopes

  1. “MNSure – an agency of the government of the state of Minnesota – sponsors MPR News”

    That MNSure “sponsors” anybody is just wrong.

    If journalists did their job and covered what government does like it was actually news, State “advertising” (which some might call propaganda) would be unnecessary. And hey, if government is actually too big to report on with any regularity or utility, that might be news as well. :-/

  2. The first opportunity that arises public funding of MPR should be completely cut!! After that occurs I doubt it will survive much longer than Air America did.

  3. Thank goodness Kupchella got a quote from Larry Jacobs. Wouldn’t be a real news story without that.
    This is what’s great about our Democrat Dominated News Culture… The story is that “this doesn’t look good, politically speaking for the Democrats”. Not that MnSure is in free-fall from it’s incompetent management or that it’s an unworkable idea or that it has made a bad health insurance system much worse. (Regardless of having two principles off for a little island sun & se… er, uh, fun at the height of an actual “effects a lot of people” crisis.)
    Mark Helperin recently noted that if only the media had known what was in O-Care in ’12, it might have made a difference in the Presidential Race. As if the legislation couldn’t have been reviewed at the time. See it was more important to note how well ‘O’ was thrashing, ‘Mittens’, the magic underwear weirdo rich white male. (As one wag put it recently – the Denver Post has a reporter on the Weed Beat, but one to check on the claims of ColoradoCare? They lack the resources.)
    As a daily MPR listener, the idea that it is a “No Wingerz Allowed” club house, is palpable.

  4. Trust me, funding public radio is a good idea. You get Republican oversight this way.

    Soros wants to take over NPR and he can do it.

  5. The dispute that the public is the dupe of the media goes back to the beginnings of the republic.

  6. Not sure if she jumped or got pushed but the MNSure director is off the bridge to the future of health insurance as of this evening. Pat Kessler (DFL-WCCO) certainly had a concerned look on his face.
    Best part – they spliced in stock footage from the Costa Rican tourism board as they talked about Ms. Todd-Malmlov splitting the scene. Unfortunately, no mention of the idea that the fellow she made the trip with runs an agency that was “intimately intertwined” with MNsure. Hopefully some blogger who does the news in haiku can do something with that seven syllable detail.

  7. If Golden chooses to make an honest woman of her, would she have to add a second hyphen (Todd-Malmlov-Golden)? Move the first hyphen to the spot before Golden (Todd Malmlov-Golden)? Or drop one of the first two names?

    Who is Malmlov anyway? Jilted or cuckolded spouse?, Ex-spouse? Or, is the last-last name just a beard to justify the use of the de rigueur hyphen?

    There must be some rules or etiquette governing hyphenation given the prominence of hyphens within the female public and non-profit workplace.

  8. So we should remember the good old days. (our parents – if living – can help)You listen to the voice of the Party and read between the lines.

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