Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This law purports to require society to be structured around the lowest common denominator but discriminates against people in comas, and those in an iron lung, and quadriplegics. Why are Canucks such haters?

Do they also require keys to be huge, like the key to a medieval church door, so frail hands get more leverage to turn them?

Is there no limit to societal engineering downward?

Joe Doakes

I’d suggest “dealing with crappy software” as one counterexample.

3 thoughts on “Inclusive

  1. As one with extensive personal experience in this area I can appreciate the sentiment. Accomodations for the disabled are nice when they can be done efficiently and are useful to a broad disabled audience. However, disabilites are not all the same. One person’s accomodation will not necessarily benefit another’s. A close family member is not able to use a lever handle due to lack of muscular strength. Should similar persons claim that levers are discriminatory and demand automatic openers instead?

    Barrier-free access is nice. Ramps and large bathrooms are, too. These are even useful to those without disabilities. However once the accomodations get as specific as door handles, they are not worth the trouble or expense.

    I agree with the downward societal engineering theory, but am more alarmed with it as applied to our societal norms. Marriage and family in particular seem most under attack and sinking fast. The committed two-parent family is fast becomming a joke, to be disparaged and deemed outdated.

    Jennifer Hudson, long-term “fiance” with love child will be portraying the Madonna in some acclaimed modern version of the true Christmas story and the March of Dimes (I believe) has just chosen Jennifer Lopez as their parent of the year. Are they counting the young man she is the “cougar” to among her kids?

    I’d be happy of the downward spiral only related to doorknobs.

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