For years, I’ve been saying – half-jokingly – that gays wouldn’t achieve real equality until we saw a married gay couple on Cops, with a drunk guy in a husband-beater T-shirt being bundled into a cruiser outside a battered trailer in a ratty southern trailer park while his husband nursed a black eye and cried and yelled “I love you, Manfred!  I’ll be down to bail you out!”

But for the absence of a camera crew, a presumed dearth of ironic redneck-to-gay cross-cultural switcheroos and of course a tragic end result, we almost got there.

Lest I flirt further with insensitivity, I do in fact send my condolences to all involved.

5 thoughts on “Equity

  1. speaking of parity you would think that the LGBTQ activists would have their leather panties in a twist about being forced to pay for “maternity and newborn care; and pediatric services, including oral and vision care.” which are services that disproportionately support the straight/breeder lifestyle to the detriment of the LGBTQ folks.

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  3. I feel bad for the undergrads that watch this and draw the expected conclusions from it. It is not science.
    You could do libertarian version of the experiment by rewarding both monkeys with grapes every time one of the monkeys does an assigned task.

  4. “that gays wouldn’t achieve real equality until we saw a married gay couple on Cops”

    While they wouldn’t be married till some years later you can see just that (on a local level) on the TV show “Cops” – Season 3 Episode 3.

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