Two Rapists

The good news:  There’s apparently no serial rapist in Saint Paul.

 The bad news:  It’s two different guys.

Margaret Martin’s Minneapolis St.Paul Crimewatch blog has the story:

Forensic DNA evidence from the two rapes that occurred early this month on Payne Avenue in St. Paul reveals that the rapes were committed by two different suspects…It sounds as though even the police are surprised to learn this. The method and manner of the attacks were very similar, as well as the suspect descriptions. Unfortunately, this means that there are not one, but two violent rapists on the loose on the East Side of St. Paul. You can read the St. Paul PD’s press release here.

It’d be such a shame if either of the perps were to run into a “victim” who was armed, wouldn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Two Rapists

  1. Ah, PB…er, “Donkeyman”, or WTF you’re going by these days.

    I’ll amuse myself with a pro forma destruction of what I’ll stifle a chuckle to call your “argument”.

    It’s amazing what can be spun into a non-argument argument.

    Nothing is being spun, and in fact the “non-argument” is, in fact, not an argument at all.

    It’d be a shame if either perp ran into a policeman, were it not for funding cuts.

    St. Paul Police Dept has added officers since last year.

    It’d be a shame if either perp weren’t on the streets because they are likely to have prior records, but our jails are full of non-violent drug offenders.

    Speaking of non-arguments. I’ve not only said exactly the same thing on many occasions in this blog, but you know I have, because you contributed your particular brand of logorrhea to the “discussion” at the time.

    It’d be a shame if a woman shot some innocent person she thought was a perp because civilians clearly don’t receive anything close to the same level of training as a policeman.

    And yet, according to Jeff Snyder and David Kopel, civilians are 1/5 as likely to shoot the wrong person as a cop is. It’s not because cops are incompetent; merely that cops usually arrive at a lethal-force confrontation late, when who is who can get pretty muddled. See the case of the cops who shot the citizen who picked up a perp’s shotgun in Saint Paul a couple of years ago in an attempt to defend himself and subdue the perps.

    It’d be a shame if a perp stole the gun from a woman and used it next time round.

    What? You think I’d disagree? Speaking of strawman non-arguments!

    It’d be a shame if a blog didn’t try to twist everything possible to their point of view – resulting in nonsense.

    But if this alleged “twisting” didn’t happen, what would you do all day?

    Your job? (Hahahahahahaha!)

    BTW – Mitch – one quick comment on crime rates. MN ranks 8th in black on black crime, and black on black crime is far higher than any other cultural mix, and far higher than state averages in general. For example, black on black murders in MN for 2006 was 24 per 100000, a staggering sum.

    I agree – and have writtena about it in the past.

    I’m sure that St. Paul, being better managed, actually developed long-term strategies for NOT having as high a poor, black population, and that explains the difference in why there are fewer poor blacks in St. Paul Or maybe, it’s just the nature of the beast that the city with the higher poor and black population, consequently has the higher crime levels? No, that couldn’t be it.

    Or the city’s black population is incrementally more-established and not as poor in Saint Paul.

    The fact is, these aren’t all that comparable cities and attempting to say they are, is silly. It’s also the case the crime in both is FAR below national averages for large cities. The region rates 132 out of 300 major metropolitan communities.

    You go ahead and take that story out onto East Franklin the next time the city tops 60 murders in a year.

    Oh and one more, while crime increased 15%, it’s still 25% below the mid-90’s, you know, the period of years following the “greatest” president, and all his economic pro-growth tax plans and war on crime?

    Strawman. There were a number of well-acknowledged factors that led to the surge in the early to mid nineties; a boomlet in young, crime-prone people (of all races), a surge in drug-dealing, and (arguably, and by that I do NOT mean “i want to argue about it”, merely that some analysts found a possible correlation) the peak of Minnesota’s ask-and-ye-shall-receive welfare system.

    What we’re seeing in Mpls, and to a lesser extent in St. Paul is frankly a natural outcome of a deepening divide in economic strata. That’s a divide YOU tacitly endorse, btw, with your endorsements of massive tax cuts for ultra-wealthy, caveat emptor approach, etc.. if you don’t like the outcome of this two tier system we’re devolving into, maybe you should consider changing the model. There is no trickle down, your method is trickle up.

    Your analysis is, as usual, driven more by faith than fact. I’ll leave it to King Banaian to grind his heel in the claims’ face.


    Oh, what’s also curious is that Fraters decried the increasing crime rates in St. Paul in April 2006.. I assume you disagree with Fraters?

    As with all of your assumptions, I chuckle in derision. Crime HAS risen in St. Paul. Nobody’s denied it. It’s risen less than Minneapolis, and barring any major shifts it’ll stay that way.

    Come back when you have a game, though.

  2. The demographic analysis is quite interesting. I’m going to need to give it some thought.

    However, I think its possible that the “It’d be such a shame if either of the perps were to run into a ‘victim’ who was armed, wouldn’t it?” was simply cathartic. People in Minnesota can carry concealed so as an attempt to push a political agenda, its a non-issue. There’s a very real chance that they will meet an armed victim. Actually, that may not be true. I’ve heard that people that are armed tend to not give off the “victim” vibe that predators home in on.

    I’ll not shed a tear if a violent rapist gets shot, stabbed or beaten to death during the commission of their crime. (However, I will be distressed if they are shot, stabbed or beaten to death after being taken into custody. Hypocrisy or submission to the veil of civilization? Hm…)

    I have similar thoughts quite frequently when it comes to mind although its generally more along the lines of “It’d be a shame if either of the perps attacked someone when me and a group of my friends were coming around the corner.”

    Its simply a cathartic way to deal with the rage this sort of crime engenders.

  3. Donkeykong observed: “MN ranks 8th in black on black crime”

    At least you’re still No. 1 in man-on-animal sex!

  4. I’ve heard that people that are armed tend to not give off the “victim” vibe that predators home in on.

    There is something to that.

    Its simply a cathartic way to deal with the rage this sort of crime engenders.

    Yep. It’s a fairly natural thing (as opposed to, say a “non-argument argument”) to want to inflict mayhem on those who are inflicting it to you, your family, and your community (in whatever sense).

    My kids live in Saint Paul. I’d like whomever is molesting people like us and kids like ours to have a painful exit, I’ll make no bones about it.

  5. “The other fact, murder in Minneapolis fell in 2006, from 60 to 46 – go figure.”

    The number for 2006 is 59 (60 if you count a man who was shot in ’06 but died in ’07). The total for 2005 was 49. Data according to the official City of Minneapolis Codefor crime stats.

  6. One thing to say about crime in Minneapolis – a lot of the folks involved seem to come in from the suburbs to commit them.

    My neighborhood watch/citizen’s patrol/whatever sends out a (non-exhaustive) list of arrests and calls every week or so and it is really startling how many perps are from the burbs. I’ve got no idea what they want in NE – maybe there’s nothing left in North for them to trash. Even the St. Paul criminals seem to like to come over to Minneapolis to do their crime. I guess I would too when 911 calls take hours to get action.

    So in some ways, its like we’re a city of 1/3 million having to police the crimes of a city of a million.

    Anyone watching my comments knows that I’m certainly a critic of many things Minneapolis but there is a regional issue here. We’ve got a bunch of problems dealing with our own trash but it doesn’t help that all the other trash in the region tends to blow our way.

    Btw, the NE SNO ball is this weekend for anyone who wants to help my neighborhood make some money and have a good time at it. Tix are like $20 or so in advance. Last one I went to was rather fun. Show up and you’ll get to watch phaedrus get drunk and dance badly. Hey, some people think its amusing…

    (If you’re showing up, shoot me an email – its always nice to put faces to names. email is
    r p h a e d r u s
    google’s mail service.

  7. AC said:

    At least you’re still No. 1 in man-on-animal sex!

    I thought you lived in New York, Mr. Greasepaint, where such acts can be funded by the National Endowment For the Arts.

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