It’s Not Them. It’s You.

Obama’s poll numbers are crashing – as in, post-Fallujah-George-W-Bush crashing.

He’s cratering fastest among women – who were, along with African-Americans, the lynchpin of both of his victories.

Tammy Bruce looks over Obama’s collapse among women:

The unfolding realities of Obamacare and its destruction of health insurance plans and personal, patient-doctor relationships confirm women’s fears that health insurance under Obamacare is not superior, but is quite inferior to health care they were free to choose before this regrettable law was in force. What women voted against in 2010 has come true, and we’re not happy about it. This may come as surprise to Mr. Obama and the people in his inner circle, but women’s health care involves more than sound bites and pithy one-liners.


With all the bad news descending on Mr. Obama as a direct result of his high-handedness and deceit on Obamacare, surely nothing could come as a greater shock to him than that women, the one constituency he has relied on the most, other than blacks, refuse to be swindled out of their health care freedoms and to be used to help perpetrate this massive fraud on the American people.

Well, I for one will believe it when I see it.  In particular, single women who don’t have children are among the most querulously gullible liberals there are.   They fell for that “vote to protect your lady parts” bilge in epic numbers, after all.

But maybe there’s hope.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Them. It’s You.

  1. One of the reasons given for the increase in premium for my employer subsidized (my share = 20% + employers share = 80%) health insurance was that our plan required an upgrade in lady parts related coverage (birth control, family “planning”, and post unprotected sex related items) in order to comply with Obamacare regulations.
    Now we have roughly 400 employees and in the last three years, all of two employees gave birth. Not that I’m one to know, but I would estimate that 80% or more of our workforce females are beyond child bearing age. Birth control pills were previously covered as a prescription item; $10 co-pay and off you go (rock on grrrrl!). Now they are “free” for the few employees who might require them yet our premium went up 25% and our deductibles doubled. Given that the majority of the women in the company are in the accounting/finance/HR departments, they know what a bad bargain this is.

  2. It’s difficult to see how Obama can recover from this. Once the illusions of competence and compassion are gone — and they were illusions — it is hard to get them back.

  3. Obama, who previously never managed anything larger than the Harvard Law Review, is the chief executive of the largest corporation on earth, the US government. As a manager he is completely out of his depth. He has not hired experienced managers bring strength to the White House or the cabinet where it has glaring weaknesses. He has made political choices where he should have been focusing on competency instead, and is suffering political consequences for those managerial errors. Worse, I don’t think he understands where he went wrong. He’s not even familiar with the idea of good management. He gets annoyed when things don’t work because he and his advisers do not know what it takes to make a large organization work.

  4. For once, I agree with you, Emery.What bugs me is that there was never any evidence that he was anything other than a resume’. Other than his supposed competence as a one-time ‘constitutional law professor’, he had nothing, other than his skin color, going for him. Not even as a politician. Before 2008 he had either lost at the polls or won by default.

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