2 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin: Conservative Icon?

  1. Although Baldwin does have what I would characterize as “Conservative outbursts”, he only has these for the benefit of himself personally. We all want our privacy respected and to use our electronics on the plane when we choose. Divorced dads everywhere would like an equal footing. But Baldwin wasn’t lashing out for all; He was doing the Liberal thing – “Do as I say peasant, not as I do”.
    My personal favorite Baldwin Conservative outburst was when, as executive producer of Tina Fey’s TeeVee show “30 Rock, he argued for NYC and NY State to keep their rather generous tax credits for production companies. He claimed that production would leave the state if they didn’t continue to receive those credits, which in fact were kept in place. Baldwin may not know this – many Liberals don’t know that they in fact are the Supply Siders they demonize come election time.

  2. Few, if any, are always wrong. The ones we dislike, like Mr. Baldwin, are often and predictably wrong. Those who spew hate all the time cannot help but occasionally hit someone or something that deserves it. I doubt if he really considers various aspects of his targets. He just lashes out at what displeases him. Just consider his track record.

    Ms. Coulter should keep quite for a while. Similar to Mr. Baldwin, she has a tendency to spew forth whatever crosses her mind and also what she thinks will make her sound controversial. Her love affair with Chris Christie and some of her “helpful” comments during last winter’s gun debate are examples of this behavior. She lacks the experience, credibility, and intellect to pull this off. Others can, but she hasn’t reached that stage (yet).

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