Some Might Call It “A Bugout”

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Great column explaining how Obama is “reviewing” his First Term promises for the Middle East, now that’s it’s all going to pot.  Best lines:


“They might describe it as “review” of foreign policy, it is actually a shutdown process; the act of shooting all the remaining sheep in the corral prior to boarding up the ranch and putting up the “for sale” sign.”


And this gem later, describing how the perverse financial incentives in Obama-care create a death spiral for private insurance companies:


“ . . . [T]he president is basically busing high risk applicants into a lower risk pool. Those who can, will flee the neighborhood. That will leave only those who have nowhere else to go stuck in it,  making Obamacare the health insurance equivalent of Detroit.”


Man, I wish I could write like that.


Joe Doakes

Richard Fernandez has always been one of the greats. He should be a daily read for everyone who has that nagging feeling they’re not getting the whole, unvarnished story…

1 thought on “Some Might Call It “A Bugout”

  1. I’m thinking of joining the Lilly White Lefty’s and Native American peoples (the ones that care any way) Thursday at the Doom and protest the nickname of the Washington NFL team. I’ll put the international symbol for no or ‘non’ (circle with a slash) over the evil ‘Redskins’ logo and supply a new logo for the Washington team.
    Maybe a Nazi jackboot? Nah, that won’t work, that’s already the symbol of the Democrat Party. Silly jack ass, you can’t be the symbol of a Party that attacks a cancer victim that complains about the health care policy she liked being cancelled due to Obamacare.
    Maybe a shirtless Obama riding a unicorn?
    Maybe Obama riding a drone with a Hellfire missile launching off it?
    Ideas people! We need your ideas!

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