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  1. this is serious – I’ve only got 2 bottles left in the cupboard.

    I wonder if Tran would consider moving his company to western WI?

  2. Inspiring story; maybe I’ll pick up a bottle today.

    One note regarding the nuisance; Irwindale is in the LA basin, and appears to be some distance from their sources of peppers. So the smog effect is going to keep that smell local, but the owner has a huge incentive to site his next factory closer to the farms.

    If I were him, I’d say “let’s figure out a cheaper way of mitigating the smells, and ahem….you have a tax-paying business here that has a strong incentive to reduce transportation costs by moving closer to where the peppers are grown. How about splitting the cost?”

  3. I just discovered how good Sriracha is only a few months ago, and not by using Sriracha sauce. It was one of three new Lays potato chip flavors that were rolled out this summer as a “vote for the best flavor” deal. They had garlic cheesebread, fried chicken and waffle, and Sriracha. I liked that one the best and it prompted me to try Sriracha for the first time. It is good, but I use it sparingly.

    I should go buy a bottle or two. From the amount I’d use, 2 bottles would probably last me 5 years or more.

  4. Priggish neighbors? Not fair.
    The reality is that capsaicins in concentration cause real burning, real irritation. There is no reason to believe the neighbors are making up the problems they report.:
    “Besides being the source of the heat, or pungency, in chili peppers, capsaicin will cause a burning sensation in any part of the skin or other tissues it contacts.”

    Since the business is so successful, they should be able to find a means to control their capsaicin emissions so as to be good neighbors and not inflict pain and irritation on others. Presumably YOU wouldn’t want burning eyes, etc. – especially for children, like grandchildren visiting, who are usually more sensitive.

    It doesn’t sound like anyone wants to hurt this business, they just want to co-exist peacefully with them. Why is it that conservatives are pro-pollution (so long as it affects others, but not themselves)?

    Not surprised you like it so much; it is has euphoric properties, like some drugs :
    “Capsaicin may also stimulate the production of endorphins, which is why some people report experiencing a sense of euphoria when eating spicy foods.”


  5. There is no reason to believe the neighbors are making up the problems they report

    Right. And there’s no reason not to believe they’re making it up. The world is full of NIMBYs, like the “environmentalist” libs on Cape Cod who couldn’t stand the thought of wind turbines marring their sight lines, or Twin Cities environmentalists fighting against coal power plants to generate the electricity to run their Chevy Volts.

    But yes, I know what capsacin smells like, having made my own CS spray. Actually, it started out as pepper sauce. Draw your own conclusions.

    BTW, capsacin odor was never mentioned in my story. We don’t know what the area smells like.

  6. Dog Gone just dripping with irritable condescension today …..AND she dropped the magic ‘co-exist’ in her comments – that settles it.
    PS – euphoric properties in hot foods ?? I’m on it!

  7. “euphoric properties in hot foods ”

    My favorite used to be Sawatdee on Washington in downtown Mpls – order the spicy version of the A Tail Of Two Cities…..lobster meat & green beans stir-fried with spicy red curry.
    I heard bells ringing in my ears after eating a serving – that and temporary blindness – but I felt great

  8. Regarding DogGone’s comment; capsaicin is oderless, whereeas the problem is odors, and its boiling temperature is 210C. Not F, C. You would destroy the sauce before boiling off its active ingredient, because the water, alcohol, and acetic acid in the vinegar would boil off at 100C or more lower than the capsaicin.

    I think it’s fair to say that the problem is an intense garlic/pepper odor, and that DogGone continues her record of stellar inaccuracy.

  9. “The reality is that capsaicins in concentration cause real burning, real irritation.”

    I think DG is sitting in Sriracha Sauce!!

  10. kel, I know what you mean! I frequent the Sawatdee location in Bloomington and the smoke coming out of my ears after I eat anything there, fogs my windshield! 🙂

    On another note, in a victory against liberat cry babies earlier this week, a California man purchased a piece of property in front of a beach on Half Moon Bay. The previous owner allowed people to traverse his property to get to the beach. When the new owner posted the property with no trespassing signs and banned people from crossing his property, a group of libbies tried to sue him. Fortunately, a judge ruled that he could indeed block the beach access.

  11. The infuriating part of this is what’s NOT reported. The factory is one year old. It sits on a brownfields site that was contaminated by lead paint, asbestos and underground tanks. The city gave tax increment financing to lure them to build a $40 million factory and now the city is suing to shut them down.

    What, you didn’t think to ask any questions before granting the building permit? Every cupcake stand in St. Paul is intensely scrutinized for restrictions on hours, traffic, noise, odor, dust, glare and parking. The fact you’re giving a building permit for a factory that makes hot pepper sauce didn’t raise any red flags? No neighbors asked about it? Or everybody was so happy to get the 400 new jobs that no questions were asked?

    This is a cataclysmic failure of government attempt to exercise its power to plan for orderly development of the city. The proper remedy is Tar and Feathers.

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  13. Joe; well said, and all the more reason for the city to work with them to mitigate the cost, I think. “Yup, we can close this down and move to where the peppers are grown, and the LA Times will be pointing at how you boneheads got rid of hundreds of jobs. That’ll help your reelection campaign.”

    Bought a bottle. Yum, and…. a bit of ouch.

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