8 thoughts on “Biden, Security Consultant

  1. I think more appropriate, but not quite as funny, would be the likely results of following Biden’s advice. The first scene of the video would show a Biden-like person with a Model 870 stepping out on to the balcony and getting shot by a criminal not dumb enough to expose himself to fire on the balcony. The second could feature another Biden-like person stepping out onto the balcony, firing a warning shot, upon which the Girl Scouts at his door flee and summon the police. The third would imply Biden actually shooting the Girl Scouts through the door, as he recommended.

  2. I have always maintained that President Obama surrounds himself with those who are obviously dumber than him, with the exceprtion of a few less visible confidantes, to make him look all the better. Biden as vice president does nothing to disprove this theory.

  3. Anyone who’s a member of thr hated gun culture and grew up using them probably remembers their first round through a 12 gauge shotgun just as clearly, but not as fondly, as their first kiss. Not the arm of choice for the inexperienced.

  4. Great juxtaposition of videos between Biden and the ladies, but these latter videos always piss me off. Presumably the ladies were handed the guns by “experienced” shooters who, presumably, cared about the woman, the gun and other people in the vicinity. What kind of moron – or, given today’s entertainment culture, “jackass” – lets a newbie hold and handle a gun in this manner? Especially when it is a gun with a known kick and that has a devastating pattern at close range? Hyuck, hyuck – you’re lucky you didn’t get the smile shot off your face.

  5. Night Writer, Another example of the gun as a toy. As you rightly commented, the idiots doing this stuff shows no regard for the proper handling of such a firearm. I am not trying to be a coffeebreak commando, but such antics can certainly result in severe injury or death. It can also result the the butt of the joke never touching a gun again, strongly disliking them, and passing those views on accordingly.

    Another example of gun as toy is the craze of painting guns up in various toy-like colors, embellishing it with cartoon images, and detracting the the serious aspects of a gun.

    Some experienced firearms instructors, particularly those in the law enforcement field, may agree that a pump shotgun is not a simple gun to handle, shoot, and reload. One such person can share a few horror stories involving less than attentive or qualified handling of such guns by people who should know better and are often the first to claim expertise.

    Sorry for the rant. I appreciate Night Writer’s pointing this out.

  6. Amen, NW. But how do you REALLY feel about this?

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    Another thought is that most of the young ladies are emphatically not dressed for a day at the range. Tight miniskirt? that’ll help your stance, I’m sure.

  7. Good point, Bubba. These ladies barely grasp the “conceal” concept, let alone how to carry. Every time I saw one of those barrels come close to crossing the shooter’s or a bystander’s body I flinched, and watching them try to regain their grip on their gun reminded me of reading the story of the gun range worker who wanted to try out a .50 cal Desert Eagle after hours one night. The next morning there was one bullet hole in the target down range, and one in his head (what was left of it). Apparently the recoil from the first shot caused him to fumble the gun and in trying to catch the falling piece he grabbed the trigger. It might be an urban legend, but I can see how it would happen.

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