Let The Sycophancy Begin!

Al Franken, it seems, might just sign off his failed talk show by announcing he’s running for Senate:

Al Franken announced Monday that he will end his radio talk show on Feb. 14, increasing speculation that he is preparing to run for Minnesota’s U.S. Senate seat in 2008.

“I’m definitely giving it serious consideration, and I plan to make a decision soon and announce that, hopefully not on the same day that Barack Obama makes his decision and announces that,” Franken said on his liberal Air America radio show.

I suppose it’s more likely than, say, apologizing for this very tasteless joke.  And it doesn’t matter – because the only real questions are “how far in the bag for Franken will the Strib be?” and “how many “journalistic ethics” will they waterboard to make it happen?”

13 thoughts on “Let The Sycophancy Begin!

  1. Mitch harrumphed about That ’70s Joke: “I suppose it’s more likely than, say, apologizing for this very tasteless joke.”

    Mitch, Angryclown feels the need to come clean. Like Franken, Angryclown also made an offensive joke one time in 1976, 31 years ago. Here goes:

    Angryclown would like to apologize to all who were offended by Angryclown’s 1976 joke concerning “farts and poopy.” Angryclown now recognizes that farts and poopy are very serious matters, which he did not fully appreciate as a small clown in the nation’s bicentennial year. Angryclown recognizes the hurtful effect of his joke on the flatulence and defecation communities and has worked hard, in his adult clown life, to encourage tolerance for those who fart and poop.

    Angryclown feels so much better! Next stop: Senator Angryclown?

  2. AssClown, if your going to run as a Dumpocrap I’d suggest you don the tin-foil hat as well…from the sounds of it your joke is too deep for most moonbats to twig…but the tin-foil hat, they understand, means gravitas.

  3. Since we’re playing Mea Culpa, I really did know they were called actually called Brazil Nuts and toto be fullt honest, I am fully aware that Daniel Boone was not in fact afraid of that bear and never did actually feel the need to scale a tree out of fear.

  4. WHOOPS. Trying to type and fill out daughters scholarship applications at the same time… “should say to be fully honest…”

  5. Since we’re playing Mea Culpa

    Actually, we’re playing Hea Culpa.

    My mea culpa: I used to be a democrat.

  6. “Angryclown recognizes the hurtful effect…”

    It’s time to come out of the water closet, AC. You know deep inside we are all defecatuals.

  7. Come to think of it, Angryclown also regrets a joke from 1978. After much soul searching and many hours of volunteer work with our nation’s brave law enforcement personnel, Angryclown has grown to understand that policemen do not stink because they are “always on doody.”

    Can Angryclown run for office now?

  8. How old was Franken in 1976?

    But the issue isn’t the 30 year old joke; other than yours truly, very few are fit to cast stones in this department.

    No, the real question is, when Al Franken tells the Strib to “jump”, will the Strib respond “Off what?” or “How high?”

  9. Speaking of bribery…

    Can Angryclown run for office now?

    I prefer to vote for my congressional representatives instead of buying them.

  10. Considering Weird Al’s upcoming candidacy I have to observe that being a clown must indeed be a resume enhancer for a Democrat.
    It worked for Amy Klobuchar.

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