Now I’ll Need Sleeping Pills

WCCO tubes Al Malmberg.

Malmberg – the Good Neighbor’s long-time graveyard host and one of the most somnolent radio personalities since Marconi first tickled an oscillator – falls victim to hard ad times.  Brauer:

Over at the Good Neighbor, having a nationwide wee-hours clear channel signal apparently isn’t what it used to be. I haven’t confirmed the details with WCCO management, but new station boss Mick Anselmo is under orders to slice costs — top talent was asked to take a 10 percent pay cut, and two news reporters were recently let go — so low-revenue overnights was probably a tempting target.

One tipster told me the station will shift to a syndicated show out of St. Louis on Monday; I haven’t pinned down its identity yet. Another tipster says the station that advertises itself as “NewsRadio 830” is so short-staffed that it now runs recorded weekend morning newscasts in the afternoon; also unconfirmed.

Wouldn’t Mischke be a great fit, huh?

(Well, that’s the rumor that’s bouncing around Twitter…)

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