Tete a Tete

Giuliani is flirting with running:

Though he has long been thought to be a presidential contender, he has fallen behind other candidates in declaring his intention, and the language he used on Saturday, while suggesting a run, also contained built-in escape hatches. Speaking to a convention of the New Hampshire Republican Party, he advised the delegates on “what you should look for in whatever decision you make in presidential primaries,” and added, “when I promise you things, if I do, when I do, as I do, I’ll promise them because I’ve done them before.”He returned to that theme moments later, and as he has done in recent days, drew a direct analogy between fighting crime in his home city and establishing peace in Iraq.

“When I say to you that we should reduce taxes to stimulate the economy, I’ll say it to you because I did it and I saw it work,” he said. “When I say we have to bring peace and security as sort of the beginning of anything, whether it’s in Baghdad or in other parts of the world or here at home, I’ll say that to you because I saw that happen in New York, and I made it happen. I did it.”

For me, at this exact moment, the GOP nominating race is Romney vs. Giuliani.

One thought on “Tete a Tete

  1. Don’t hold your breath, Mitch. Giuliani left New York Republicans holding the bag after considerable dithering about a run against Hillary Clinton for the Senate in 2000. (Remember Rick Lazio? Yeah, me neither.) He doesn’t have the stomach for the fight, and even if he did, the wingnuts and God-botherers that make up 90% of your primary voters would take him down by South Carolina. He’s soft on abortion and gun control. And he talks like Elmer Fudd. Give it up. It’s not going to happen. After two terms of getting a blank check, your party’s right wing crazies feel empowered. You’ll nominate somebody just to the right of Darth Vader.

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