Frequently Asked Questions X

Hahahaha Merg!  You said armed guards wud stop mass merders!  And yet the armed guards at teh Navy Yerd didn’t stop the mass merder!  You are Pwn5d!”:  Er, for starters, I never said that armed guards were a panacaea – any more a guarantee than wearing a seatbelt guarantees everyone will survive every car accident.  They improve the odds.  Maybe by a lot.  And at any rate, armed guards in schools are a partial solution at best – the last thing schools in particular need is to feel more like police states than they already do.  No, I advocate allowing law-abiding citizens with carry permits to defend themselves.  Because it works.

After the killer at the Navy Yard shot the armed guard, I’m gonna guess at least a couple of the sailors in the building might have wished they’d have had access to some sort of firearm.  Just saying.

Hahaha, Merg!  Bradlee Dean’s ministry has gone belly up!  Hahah!:  Yeah, I see that

Why don’t you try to get Tom Mischke on the NARN someday as a guest?:  Hey – not a bad idea. 

Hahaha!  You and Bradlee Dean were BFFs!:  Well, no – his show was on after mine.  Then it wasn’t.  He’s a nice guy in person.  I disagree with a good chunk of his theology.  End of story.

Well, almost.  As I showed over the past couple of years, whatever you want to say about Bradlee Dean’s organization and theology and beliefs – and I might agree with you about some of it – a huge chunk of what Andy Birkey and the late Karl Bremer wrote about the guy was unvarnished bullshit. 

There.  That’s the end of story. 

Why did you block me on Twitter and Facebook?  Can’t you handle an argument?:  I don’t go on Facebook to argue. Sometimes they come to me, but what are you gonna do?  Seriously.  Anyway – as re Twitter?  I love a good debate.  But here’s the catch – you weren’t debating, you were harangueing and arguing without logic, fact or reason.  To the extent you had an argument, it was boring, trite, illogical, a collection of chanting points I’m pretty sure you don’t understand, and a waste of time.  Sorry.  I’m sure you’re a fine human being in some corner of your life. 

Hey, Bergbrain!  Hahahaha!:  Oh, isn’t that special?

Hey, Merg!  Why are you complaining about Mark Dayton and the DFL?  Elections have consequences!:  Right. You’ll recall how the Alliance for a Better Minnesota shut up and walked away as a consequence of the 2010 Legislative elections, right? 

One vote that had consquences was the one that led to the First Amendment.  I know that annoys you.

The Obamcare and Defunding debate shows that the DFL is just as bad as the Democrats!  Ron Paul was right!  I’m going to protest by…by…going OFF THE GRID!:  So you’re going to migrate from Dante’s Third Circle of irrelevancy straight through to the Sixth?  

I mean, us “establishment” Republicans did warn you that politics was a marathon, not a sprint.  Right?  I’m pretty sure I did. 

You continually disagree with me in arguments.  You’re mentally ill:  Eureka.  You have brushed the scales from my eyes.  There is no response to your ineluctible logic. 

You’re right in every possible way, and always will be. 

Doesn’t it bug you that Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse started a “hey gang, let’s do a radio show” thing just like the NARN did, but they’re on morning drive on a major station?”:  Not at all!  They’re great guys, and they certainly earned their shot.  

For me?  I love being on the air – more than just about anything in the world, actually – but the radio business is just about the worst thing in the world.  Salem Twin Cities, by the way, is a huge exception – they’re great people, and I’m not just saying that because they’ve put me on the for almost ten years now.   Anyway, unless a major-market station or network throws a good contract at me for enough money to leave the IT business, I’m perfectly happy doing weekends for the fun of it.

Not that I’d turn down that big honking contract, y’understand.  But I enjoy where things are; I get all the fun and none of the misery.

9 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions X

  1. Doesn’t it bug you that Jack Tomczak and Ben Kruse started a “hey gang, let’s do a radio show” thing just like the NARN did, but they’re on morning drive on a major station?

    I’d like to think we played a small part in Jack & Ben’s success. We did crossover shows (them on the NARN: Mitch and I on the former Late Debate) several times. Then in April 2012, Mitch and I encouraged readers of our blogs to email Twin Cities New Talk to get J&B on their station. The rest, as they say, is history.

  2. Jack & Ben owe everything to insane UofM Professor WB Gleason.

    They should threaten to do a remote from Gleason’s house…”We’ll just set up on that steaming pile of rotting trash, dead cats & feces in the living room.”

    BOOM! They’re on Fox.

  3. Yup! It’s pretty good to be an IT that knows what they’re doing these days, especially if your specialty is security. In just the metro area, over 40 positions are open and the gloves are off. I’ve heard of one company taking multiple people from another company at the same time.

  4. Karl Bremer attacked me on health care policy completely out of the blue one day (on twitter), and didn’t explain his position at all. Prior to that, he accused me of jamming his @ box with THREE tweets when we were discussing something. HE CALLED ME A NAME, TOO, (the dreaded RWNJ) which hurt my feelings a great deal.

    WTF is the point?

  5. It took a while, but Gleason has comprehensively gotten what he has deserved. WTF is wrong with that guy?

  6. Carry + vulnerable targets need less than lethal solutions, too. Pepper stun grenades, etc for defensive and offensive opportunities.

    Make it hard for them.

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    Twelve hours a day for how many years? WTF?

  8. Almost three.

    He’s still doing it? “Global Block” on Tweetdeck has almost completely filtered him out. I can’t honestly say I’ve read the guy in well over a year.

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