Last year, the hard left in Minnesota put together an immense coalition of groups to defeat the marriage amendment…

…and then to push a reluctant DFL to support and pass a gay marriage bill.

And the problem with coalitions is they’re pretty much all made up of unlikely bedfellows, or at the very least people who can only stand each other so long.

As the Twin Cities best feminist, I’m naturally on the National Organization of Women’s Minnesota Chapter’s mailing list.

Minnesota NOW and the Pro-Choice community as a whole contributed significant resources to the fight for marriage equality here in Minnesota. That is why we at Minnesota NOW were very disappointed to hear that the Minnesotans United PAC screens their candidates focused singularly on the issue of marriage for same-sex couples and that they will be providing funding to several legislators who have a history of voting for anti-choice legislation. We were told the Minnesotans United PAC will raise and spend resources to support legislators who voted for same-sex marriage – they have no other screens and are aware this model won’t work for all donors. We are truly saddened that the Minnesotans United PAC does not have our back when we need them. We are not equal until we are ALL equal.

Because infanticide is a civil right, dammit.

 We encourage you to direct your financial support to the Minnesota NOW PAC which screens candidates on all of our six core issues: LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, economic justice, racial equality, constitutional equality and freedom from violence. This will ensure your money is supporting a candidate that acts on all of your values, not just one.

All you DFL gay marriage supporters – are you going to take this sitting down?  Did you hear what they call you?

They listed 11 legislators – eight outstate DFLers and three Republicans (Kieffer, Peterson and Garofalo) who voted for the gay marriage bill – as being insufficiently pro-infanticide for their taste.

I may – in my capacity as the Twin Cities best feminist – start a new group:  “Minnesotans United For Womynandtheirchildren, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Questioning And Others” (MUFWLGBTQAO) to campaign to resolve the battle between NOW and MUAF once and for all!


6 thoughts on “Impure!

  1. I’m wondering if there’s going to be a split as homosexuals have a hunch that someone’s going to prove a genetic cause to homosexuality, and then realize that even those who are willing to let them “marry” may not be keen about carrying them to term. Just ask pre-born girls in many areas of Asia.

  2. Bubbasan, doctors and psychiatrists have done a lot of work trying to find a biological cause, or biological marker, for homosexuality in both men and women.
    They haven’t found anything, and believe me, they’ve tried. Back in the 1950’s the military really, really wanted to find a way to weed out homosexuals in the armed services. They tried everything they could think of, including medical tests that can’t be described on a family website.
    They found no marker for homosexuality. They found two weak corelations.
    1) Left handedness. The problem is that the corelation is weak, and left handedness is also corelated with a number of other medical conditions. Low birth weight, greater chance of developing diabetes, shorter life span, greater chance of alcohol and drug addiction, etc.
    2) Birth order. Being a second son. This isn’t intuitive, but it’s probably a side effect of hormones. When a women is pregnant, her blood mixes with the baby’s blood. A women’s blood is different when she is pregnant with a second boy than when she is pregnant with a first boy. I know, it’s weird, but the corelation is supposed to be stronger than with left handedness, and it has nothing to do with family structure. 2nd sons who are given up for adoption also have a higher than average incidence of homosexuality.
    Homosexuality is a behavior (the word ‘orientation’ is a term of art. It describes behavior, not a biological condition).
    If homosexuality is a behavior, and it is congenital, you end up in a heap of trouble fast, because then it becomes reasonable to speak of other behaviors (like being anti-authoritarian or stealing) being in-born.

  3. Now why in the world would she think that a group like Minnesotans United would have any interest in having her back?

    Actually, Minnesotans United, strictly speaking, is family oriented. As such, their support of children within a familial context should be obvious. By the nature of their families, abortion would be mainly a non-issue since nearly all offspring of the union would be pre-screened and voluntarily acquired. Just ask Rosie. Big surprise there …

  4. PM, I agree; my point was simply that those advocating for homosexual rights haven’t clued in that the twins study basically proves that any correlation to genetics/etc. will be weak. So whatever the science actually says, I’d guess that this would be in the back of their minds “Lessee…..genetic test for homosexuality when there is legal abortion…..could be bad news for a future generation of homosexuals!”

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