Low-Information Reporters

Whenever there’s a big story involving firearms, you can be sure the media will be ready to provide comic relief.

Like Piers Morgan’s reference to Aaron Alexis and his “legally purchased AR15 shotgun“. 

Or the NY Daily News (“Like MSNBC, Only In Print!”) front page story about the AR15 Alexis owned…

…even though it appears that not only didn’t he have one, but didn’t – as was reported yesterday – steal one from one of the base police he murdered after all. 

The Media.  On Second Amendment issues, they are the real low-information voters.

4 thoughts on “Low-Information Reporters

  1. Of all the self appointed crusaders of making sure no one is EVER killed or injured by a firearm…the enlightened indignant…the opinionated opponents of all the ills begotten the American public as a result of the Second Amendment…

    …how is it remotely possible that NOT ONE of them has taken even a rudimentary step to simply even acquaint themselves, much less educate themselves… somewhat, with firearms?

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  3. According to Michelle Malkin today, an AR-15 WAS used in the shipyard shootings, with exactly one victim– the shooter. The AR-15 was the police weapon that ended the carnage.

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