Hypothetical Question

What do you think the Twin CIties media would say, and do, and write, if they found out that…:

  • Power Line, the Twin Cities’ premier political blog (yeah, Hot Air is huge, but it’s not really based here.  Sorry, Ed), and…
  • A hypothetical conservative “mainstream” news outlet – say, the Pioneer Press after a buyout – and…
  • The National Rifle Association, the Gun Owners of America, and the Minnesota Gun Owners CIvil Rights Alliance…

…all got funding from, say, the Koch Brothers?

Take your shot at writing the headlines you’d see in the Strib, on WCCO and KARE, and on MPR (to say nothing of NPR), in the comment section.

Oh, wait – it’s not remotely hypothetical. 

More next week.

9 thoughts on “Hypothetical Question

  1. Joyce Foundation may not run all of Minnesota liberalism – but they do run ALL of Minnesota gun control. I’m working on a publication around that as we speak…

  2. “Krazy Konservative Koch Konspiracy Konquers.” Wait, that’s the NY Daily News, not the Strib

  3. Try wrote:
    “The Evil Brothers Koch”
    “Evil brothers” and “Koch” is a redundancy.
    Liberal groups will soon use just the initials EBK, in the belief that by saving bandwidth they are fighting the scourge of global warming.

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