Remember when his supporters said that one of the dreamiest things about Barack Obama was that he was a “constitutional scholar?”

I said at the time that a President – a good one anyway – needs to know about as much about the Constitution as a good policeman does, and that a Constitutional Lawyer was nothing if not more prone to use his “knowlege” to circumvent rather than uphold the Constitution.

History, as just about always happens, is proving me right.

2 thoughts on “Lever-Crankers

  1. What can you say about a ‘constitutional law professor’ who not only believes the government should discriminate based on race, but believes that it is one of the essential functions of government?

  2. For that matter, we could use a few more policemen who respect the Constitution, particularly the 4th Amendment. Know what I’m sayin’?

    But to the point, it doesn’t seem as if those dreamily talking about Obama really….had caught on to the idea that the Constitution actually imposes limitations on government.

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