Like, Totally Protesting

“Peace” activist Cindy Sheehan is speaking at Augsburg next Tuesday.

A local peace through strength activist (whose name I’ll omit) writes:

Please let people know if they would like to protest Cindy Sheehan, we can meet across the street at 10:30 on tuesday  since it is public property. And i do have a student id; or at  least my daughter does.

It’d be nice to show that not everyone in the Twin Cities is pro-surrender.

15 thoughts on “Like, Totally Protesting

  1. Mitch bloviated: “It’d be nice to show that not everyone in the Twin Cities is pro-surrender.”

    Yeah, why surrender when Bush is already losing fair and square? Just wondering if, instead of counterprotesting the families of soldiers killed in the war, you wingnuts ever consider demanding that the administration come up with a plan to, you know, win.

  2. Nah, Clown. Bush isn’t losing. The war got into a tough go, but it’s all still very winnable – at least, in Iraq.

    If the war is going to be lost, it’ll be in Washington DC.

  3. Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost

    That’s how it goes

    Everybody but Mitch knows

  4. Oh, Clownie clownie,
    Whoaah, baby,
    I said we gotta go now.
    yeah yeah yeah yeah, I said
    Clownie clownie,
    Whoah, no, I said
    we gotta go.

  5. Dubya, it’s me, your Mitchie, I’ve come home. I´m so cold,
    let me in-a-your window

  6. OK, we lost. So let’s suck it up an admit it then.

    If we lost, we sign formal documents of surrender on the White House lawn with Osama bin Laden under a flag of truce.

    If the Democrats want to say we’ve lost, let’s see them put forth a resolution that formalizes that loss. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than infantile political posturing.

  7. Formal surrender? How ’bout we do that the day after the formal declaration of war, ‘kay Chachi?

    Your war, your mess. But don’t worry, the bestest president ever has two more years in office. And it sounds like this new surge plan is going to be the one that finally turns things around!

  8. Mitch said, “Bush isn’t losing.”

    Jay said “If we lost, we sign formal documents of surrender on the White House lawn with Osama bin Laden under a flag of truce.”

    angryclown..why bother to argue when they won’t even face the facts. First mitch implies that we are winning in Iraq and Jay believes we are fighting in Iraq against OBL!

  9. If you’ve learned anything from this blog, Colleen, it’s that you can’t believe anything you read in the MSM, especially the New York Times. I’ll just continue picturing your town as a really cold version of Deliverance.

  10. And since I know from whence Clown hails, I’ll just say “He knows his cold Deliverance first-hand”.

    This New York chauvinism of his? Purely therapeutic.

  11. Again Mitch, how will we know we’ve won???

    In terms of the original war? When Saddam is out of power and the terrorists lose another safe haven for operating against the West.

    In terms of what’s going on today? Have you ever read any military history, Doug? And I mean stuff written by actual historians, not liberals passing themselves off as knowledgeable?

    Since you know everything, riddle me this: How does anyone know they’ve won a counterinsurgency war?

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