Freedom’s Just Another Word For…Um…Dude?

The London Telegraph lists the world’s most “Libertarian” countries

…where “libertarian” is apparently defined as “in terms of drugs, gay rights, prostitution and tax policies”. 

Y’know.  The liberties that really matter.

Dear Brit media:  there is more to “liberty” than torching up and waving your private parts around. 

It reminds me of those Americans who are leaping up and down about how “libertarian” Russia is…because they’re giving Snowdon asylum.

3 thoughts on “Freedom’s Just Another Word For…Um…Dude?

  1. Here in the United States, it’s apparently come to mean open borders, anti-military and lionizing anyone who steals classified information and gives it to our country’s enemies as a ‘whistleblower’.

  2. Both very well-put. I’ve never really developed a solid compehension of “Libertarian.” From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s the current label used to describe those who were called “liberal” forty or so years ago. Or a conservative equivalent to the liberal’s self-description of: “I’m socially progressive but fiscally conservative.”

    In short, “I like the socio-political concept, but only the cool parts benefit me.”

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