For Grownups Only

No kids reading?  Good. 

Your attention please:

  1. There is no tooth fairy.
  2. The Easter Bunny is only a metaphor.
  3. Pro wrestling is fake.
  4. Reality TV” shows are carefully edited to maximize dramatic value, especially confrontation.  Don’t be surprised if a more-talented contestant gets booted from a “reality” competition to produce a catfight.  Call it “The Santino Syndrome”.
  5. If an organization shares both goals and office space with a George Soros front organization, a reasonable person might infer there’s a connection. 

That is all.

8 thoughts on “For Grownups Only

  1. Can I add one little caveat in response to the rant? Mitch, like Jason Lewis, wholeheartedly admits where his associations, preferences, allegiances and connections lie.

    The subject of point 5, like the rest of the MSM in this country, DOES NOT.

  2. And they would get more respect if they did admit political leanings, instead of pretending ‘objectivity’ where there is none.

  3. 6. Jesus can change the outcome of football games.

    7. Evolution is fake.

    8. Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11.

    9. Hillary Clinton whacked Vince Foster.

    Angryclown finds the wingnut worldview very entertaining.

  4. 10. Angryclown is a chain-yanking, dope-smoking, idiotic, New York street corner vagrant.

    Yes, that worldview is indeed entertaining.

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