The Show Trial

Josef Stalin called.

He wants his theatrical version of a “justice” system back.

President Obama’s Justice Department was involved in organizing protests around the Martin/Zimmerman trial, and according to Sanford’s police chief, hijacked what should have been a local investigation:

Bill Lee, who testified Monday in Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial, told CNN’s George Howell in an exclusive interview that he felt pressure from city officials to arrest Zimmerman to placate the public rather than as a matter of justice.

“It was (relayed) to me that they just wanted an arrest. They didn’t care if it got dismissed later,” he said. “You don’t do that.”

When Sanford police arrived on the scene on February 26, 2012, after Zimmerman fatally shot unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, they conducted a “sound” investigation, and the evidence provided no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman at the scene, he said.

It had nothing to do with Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, he said; from an investigative standpoint, it was purely a matter of self-defense.

The part that annoys me the most about this trial? 

Not just that everyone has picked their sides, based purely on political grounds – even though that’s supposed to be the jury’s job.

No – it’s that our federal government is doing to this trial what they tried to do with “Fast and Furious”; use it to general political benefit for the Administration.  In this case, using a dead 17 year old – whatever the circumstances – as a stage prop to whip up an electoral response in time for the election.  And they’ll try to do the same for the next round of elections, too. 

I use the term “show trial” advisedly; that’s exactly what the Administration is trying to turn it into.

The trial is, in a sense, the least of the problems coming out of this sorry episode.  Our Federal government has added “using the system” to “using their proxies in the media” to affect the “justice” system toward political ends. 

They can do it to anyone.

There’s an old saying: “when the people fear the government, you have dictatorship.  When the people fear the government, you have freedom.”

The government is surely afraid of us; they call half of us “terrorists”.  But I wouldn’t call what we have now “freedom”.

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  1. When it became obvious that the Hispanic Zimmerman will probably be found innocent, the gov’t changed the charges to Child Abuse/Manslaughter.
    The defense protested. The judge said “you can appeal if convicted”.

    So basically it’s verdict first, then a trial (appeal) later.

  2. You guys live in a factually deficient world.

    The DOJ is investigating the Sanford police department for a variety of problems relating to justice, including some pretty persuasive allegations of racism and civil rights violations.

    Nothing new, since Florida has a history of such problems.

    This is far from a ‘verdict first’, it does however seem to be a perfect example of why shoot first laws are bad and nothing more than an attempt to legislate vigilante justice where there are executions without benefit of a trial, jury or otherwise.

  3. You guys live in a factually deficient world.

    DG, with all due respect, you are nobody to lecture anyone on the subject. Nobody.

    The DOJ is investigating the Sanford police department for a variety of problems relating to justice,


    including some pretty persuasive allegations of racism and civil rights violations.

    You have a long history of being very easily “persuaded” by appeals to authority. At any rate, it’s irrelevant.

    Nothing new, since Florida has a history of such problems.

    Also irrelevant.

    This is far from a ‘verdict first’, it does however seem to be a perfect example of why shoot first laws are bad and nothing more than an attempt to legislate vigilante justice where there are executions without benefit of a trial, jury or otherwise.


    Why? And when I say “why”, I mean “answer with specifics”.

    The last time I asked you this – when I asked you to elaborate on your absurd claim that Tony Cornish’s “Stand Your Ground” law was “crap legislation” – you responded six months later with a vague, disconnected set of copies and pastes from leftyblogs that had been long since factually debunked, as reported in this space. You were clearly copying and pasting then.

    So tell us – especially given that there’s been no verdict – how this shows that “stand your ground” laws are wrong? Again – be specific.

    (I know you can’t).

    Bonus question: Do you realize how stupid lefties are when they call them “shoot first” laws? You do realize what “shooting second” does, don’t you?

    Do us a favor and justify my continued indulgence of your unearned condescenscion, DG.

  4. My take here is that Angela Corey has, by coming up with a horrifically bad prosecution where the chief witness clearly perjured herself (while spouting off a ton of racial slurs to boot) and exculpatory evidence was withheld from the defense, made a good case to get herself “Nifonged.”

    In addition, the judge is more or less allowing the jury to consider charges after the defense has rested its case–more or less depriving the defendant of a defense (thanks, Chuck). In doing so, the judge is also campaigning for being de-benched and disbarred as well.

    It almost seems as if the best conclusion of this debacle would be for the judge and the prosecutors to be prosecuted themselves, and then release documents related to DOJ pressure on them that would allow the proper people to join Mike Nifong.

  5. So the Sanford police are being investigated for “civil rights” issues… the restaurant in St Paul being investgated by the St Paul Human Rights department for serving a Dago sandwich, therefore the Latino Zimmerman must be guilty.

    I don’t get the connection.

  6. Please fix the quote. Both halves are the same= “people fear the government” I know what it is supposed to be but it still distracts from your real point. Apparently DG has a whole world of evidence that the prosecution did not present, and which would lead the jury to a conclusion other than the obvious one of self-defense.

  7. DG in addition to the Cornish Bill could you specify which of the conservative groups targeted by the IRS were convicted or even charged with “breaking the law” or, tired blowhard that you are, were you just lying about that?

  8. Not just that everyone has picked their sides, based purely on political grounds

    (a) There are hundreds of pending murder cases in the United States for which I take no side

    (b) Because the feds have become involved in the matter, essentially turning the Zimmerman trial into a federal case and have essentially kicked half of the Bill of Rights to the curb in the process of doing so, we all need to take sides; eternal vigilance and all that

    (c) I’m glad Mrs. Teasdale isn’t on the jury

    (d) Mrs. Teasdale can piss up a rope

  9. What kind of puppet state brings up the charges AFTER the trial? ‘Put up your defense, and then we will decide what we say you are guilty of.

  10. The only person who belongs in jail over this is Al Sharpton. Tawana Brawley, Crown Heights riots . . . He has a lot to answer for.
    Sharpton apparently believes that past discrimination permits blacks to prosecute or murder randomly selected whites, Jews, and latinos.
    Until the Left shows MSNBC commenter Sharpton the door, they can’t be taken seriously on questions about race and justice.

  11. Yeah, Loren, AP sez the Zimmerman prosecution team’s case was so weak that they are now asking the judge to permit a conviction of 3rd degree murder . . . which Zimmerman was not charged with, and which the defense did not have the chance to disprove. I wonder what Atticus Finch would have said about this?

  12. Terry, I’m going to have to graciously (I hope) disagree with you about who belongs in jail here. Sharpton, while a world class twit, has his 1st Amendment rights and does not belong in jail–unless he pulls a Brawley again and incites violence against Zimmerman, of course.

    However, if indeed the case against Zimmerman was as thin as it appears, the prosecutor, Angela Corey, does belong in jail for dragging Zimmerman through this. Also, the judge needs to be disbarred for preventing an affirmative defense for the defendant (as many have noted), and if someone from the DOJ did indeed push this, they belong in jail for what they’ve done to Zimmerman.

    But Sharpton? Nope, not unless he’s done the Brawley again. Feel free to correct me if I’ve missed that he has.

  13. Whoa, guys, the state didn’t get murder 3. They asked for it, but the judge denied it, probably just as well for due process since it clearly was prosecutorial overreach at the end of the trial. They are getting manslaughter as an alternative verdict, but is mandated by Florida law in a murder 2 case unless the judge finds reason not to have it.

    The judge hasn’t exactly been the friend of the defense, but she’s not been completely off the wall. The exclusion of the texts and delay in turning over evidence isn’t uncommon and will probably be basis for an appeal if Zman loses, but if Zman wins here as he should there’s really no basis for claiming Zman was whitewashed.

    And yes, DG, you’re full of bovine excrement. Yes TM is dead, yes he was unarmed, but in no way does that mean that GW is guilty of anything other than defending himself against great bodily harm if the jury finds his story credible (which in an ideal world it will, since the contrary evidence is lacking or unreliable). GW had every right to be there in the rain, and he had every right to follow TM. TM had no right whatsoever to jump and beat GW without being assaulted first, which he wasn’t according to everyone including the earwitness (in at least one version of her stories).

  14. Apparently in closing arguments, the prosecutor is claiming that Zimmerman was a vigilante. Because everyone who approaches someone else on the street is a vigilante, or something like that.

    In a just world, that kind of argument would get you booted from any prosecutor’s office so fast, it would make your head spin.

  15. Never assault someone without being willing to pay the ultimate penalty. More folks die from fists and feet than from long guns.

  16. First, I want to thank the elitist left wing moron Dog Breath for finally admitting that she is a racist! Just like the rest of her lying liberat buddies, she is a covert racist, the most insidious kind.

    Next, I have friends and colleagues who live in FL that tell me that, based on what they are seeing and hearing, there will be racially motivated violence if GZ is acquitted or even if he gets convicted of a lesser charge. In fact, there are PSAs running on the local channels that feature black and Hispanic speakers urging people to be civil.

  17. Never start a fight if you are armed with skittles and the other guy has a nine.
    Have you noticed how the msm keeps mentioning skittles? I suppose tbey are trying to infantilze Martin. Does anyone still call Zimmerman ‘white’?

  18. I was thinking “avoid picking a fight with adults in a shall issue carry permit state” would be good. Remember how the car rental companies made things a lot safer for German tourists in Florida–by removing the Rent-A-Car bumper stickers so the thugs wouldn’t know they were unarmed?

    I like Nerdbert’s point, too, but at least when it’s just fists vs. fists, there is a plausible limit to how badly you’ll be hurt if you’re 100 lbs heavier and ten times stronger than your victim. Not so if Colonel Colt has made your victim equal to you.

  19. On the lesser known non-state controlled talk station, one the hosts of the “Late Debate” (Jack or Ben, I’m not sure which), read Doggone’s racist screed Swiftee linked to above on air the other night. As I have said before – I have never heard a white Liberal/”Progressive” describe anyone other than a black man they disagree with as an “Uncle Tom” or “Uncle Thomas” as formulated by Doggone and her co-hort Rep. Winkler. I suppose this new way of keeping folk on the plantation is better than the old way of fire hoses and police dogs. No less racist though.

  20. Sef, with a moonbat as mentally bereft as Mongrel Cur, it’s sometimes hard to tell from which their hatred springs forth.

    In Cur’s case, it’s a complicated combination of misandry and racisim. Clearly she harbors hatred in her heart for people of color, but as we’ve seen here on several occasions, she also hates caucasion men. Add to that the fact that she hates unborn children of all genders and races equally, and we have answer; Mongrel Cur is a Misanthrope with delusions of grandeur nicely marbled with racism.

    She is a mentally deranged tenderloin.

  21. Oh. My. Sweet. Lord.

    I read a lot of leftyblogs, but I usually ignore MPP: not only do most of their writers give “fever swamp” a bad name (Jeff Rosenberg’s not so bad, and he should be writing for a much better blog), but most of them are – I’ll try to be polite here – head-bangingly shitty writers. Yep. I was being polite.

    But this?

    Therefore, that strikes me as fraud, as a pretext to undo legislated efforts at greater equality by right wing racists – and their token black, “Uncle Tom” Clarence Thomas. At the same time, it played on fears held by racists on the right, no matter how factually wrong those fears are.

    I’m just shaking my head here.

    Dog Gone, I ask this with all due respect; do you really not realize a) how racist that is, and b) how much of your writing is based on you calling other lefty writers’ delusions “fact?”

  22. C’mon guys you know being a leftist means never having to say you are sorry.

  23. also DG, how come you hit and run and never respond to comments anymore, also don’t you have some homework that’s almost a year overdue?

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