They Wonder Why They Are So Lowly Regarded

…and so irrelevant.
…and so going out of business.

In a review of AC/DC, Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune is confused.

Pining for a real job in journalism, he must think weaving politics into a music review will lead to getting “discovered.”

“War Machine.” The best song on the new CD, it starts with a slow, lumbering, tank-attack beat and quickly builds to atom-bomb intensity, with Angus shredding his guitar as if it was the U.S. Constitution during the Iraq War.

Well, he did get a mention in the Wall Street Journal.

…too bad it’s for all the wrong reasons.

I hope you have other “skills” Chris.

15 thoughts on “They Wonder Why They Are So Lowly Regarded

  1. Black Ice was a waste of vinyl, or bandwidth, or plastic, or whatever your choice of distribution is. It was a poor attempt at re-retro AC/DC.

    The latest Metallica Album, Death Magnetic, on the other hand, is simply amazing.

    Guns N Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’, somewhere in between. But with a Album title like that, and the hack job Chris did on the ACkaDaCk album, his take on Chinese Democracy will be over flowing with political Metaphors

  2. Even worse, I’m listening to the song, and it’s awful. Used to love AC/DC, but man… this is the Geritol Down Under. Yeesh.

  3. Shredding the constitution during the Iraq War?
    This makes no sense at all. The war against Al Qaida’s world wide and especially it Afghan presence are the root cause of the disputes over habeus corpus and warrantless wire taps. Nothing at all to do with the Iraq War.
    The man is clearly an idiot. And so are his editors.

  4. I always say, much of the Star-Tribune writing sounds like they have outsourced their work to some 19 year old college student, who is doing his best to rebel against his upper-middle class suburban upbringing.

    Throw together some randomn meaningless cliches and hope some chick notices.

  5. That’s a good point Terry. Unless Riemenschneider agrees with Bush that the war in Iraq is a theater in the broader war on terror.

    It will be interesting to see if the Riemenschneiders of the world continue to slip in their snarky little comments about the Constitution being shredded once President Obama is in charge and using many of the same intelligence gathering methods as the evil Bush.

  6. Remember, this is the publication that employed John Breem, the most tone-deaf, tasteless music “critic” to ever foul newsprint.

  7. The left-wing commentary is part of the deal with rock criticism and always has been. Go read old Dave Marsh or Robert Christgau reviews sometime. They were (are) both big-time lefties, but at least they had a better command of the English language than Riemenschneider.

    Christgau in particular could be very funny once you waded through the cant. I remember one especially pithy one word review that told you all you needed to know about the band Yello. His review: Chickenshi.

  8. Terry, I agree.

    However, the “make Saddam disprove a negative” argument Bush used was crass and stupid, yet, plenty of folks fell for it. Not at all unconstitutional, and plenty of those folks were Democrats. He would have been more accurate to have said “shredded it like the commitment of Congress to checks and balances during the run up to the Iraq War.”

  9. Hey, cut him some slack. Everyone else in the newsroom thinks he’s a future Hemingway. When the pink slips start flowing like a winter thaw at the old Strib, they will all reconcile themselves with the knowledge that the reason the economy and their newspaper is in the dumpster is eminently easy to understand:

    Bush did it.

  10. Peev, I’m not sure what you mean by “make Saddam disprove a negative”, unless it has something to do with WMD. If that is the case than Saddam’s problem was with UN, not the US.
    The 1991 cease fire — it was not a peace treaty — was conditional on Saddam’s Iraq being certified free of WMD. His unwillingness to comply is a matter of historical record.

  11. “”His unwillingness to comply is a matter of historical record. “”

    Which is why I supported the invasion. It wasn’t about WMD’s, it was about the failure of the regime to comply, consistently, with reasonable requests. Once they kicked the UN inspectors out, we had to assume the worse, and the worse meant a potential security risk to the USA.

    It didn’t really matter if we found anything or not, this wasn’t a high stakes guessing game. It was you do what your told or we kick your ass. SoDamn Who’sInsane opted for getting his ass kicked. We conveniently obliged his request!

    Now, how we chose to navigate the post invasion landscape raises concerns on both sides, I hope. The Surge, which I also supported, was successful becuase we did what we should have done the first time. We didn’t try to dig a hole in the sand only for the outlying sand to refill the hole. We had enough residual forces, both coalition and Iraqi, to hold secured areas preventing the resurgents from undoing our work.

    The Iraqi people need to go through a period of success so that they can feel the difference between the before and after. Once that happens, they will gladly take ownership, and we should oblige them . . . . with one eye still open.


  12. I agree with every word you’ve written, Flash.
    I blame the Bush administration for not properly husbanding a defeated Iraq. I blame the Left for its ghoulish defeatism.
    The worst outcome of the Iraq War is that something like it will never happen again. Evil, bellicose dictators who batten on the blood of their people can rest easier now then they would have five years ago. No white knight will challenge them.

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