Can You Imagine…

…what would happen if a Republican tweeted this:

It’s Ryan Winkler, the Eddie Haskell of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

And if he were a Republican, you can be sure that the Strib, the City Pages and the rest of the Twin Cities media would be giving him a rhetorical proctological exam.

UPDATE:  Mirabile Dictu, Rupar did write about it.

Winkler twote Rupar:

@atrupar I did not understand “Uncle Tom” as a racist term, and there seems to be some debate about it. I do apologize for it, however.

— Ryan Winkler (@RepRyanWinkler) June 25, 2013

He didn’t understand it was a racist term?

I’ll just let that one sit there on its own.

20 thoughts on “Can You Imagine…

  1. That is the least credible defense of a racist statement that I have ever read. Which of Berg’s Immutable laws is it that when the left accuses the right of something, they are really just projecting?

    That is such bullshit. He was trying to hang with the cool kids, and gave them what he thought they wanted. Which is exactly what they wanted.

  2. So his excuse is that he uses terms that he does not understand. What is he 3?

  3. This is as believeable as the IRS claims that “Tea Party” groups in 2010 just might also be liberal. Either he’s lying, and should resign, or he’s stupider than a sack of manure, and should resign.

  4. And there’s “some ambiguity” about whether the term is racist or not? Where? With whom? In families where someone’s father has a brother Thomas?

    Oh well, maybe Paula Deen will bake him a crow souffle to commiserate.

  5. And to paraphrase a post on the RedStar’s site before they disabled comments on this story, simply adding an “A” before Ryan Winkler’s name would be accurate.

  6. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Winkler once called someone an “A-hole” over Twitter.

  7. PJ: It’s the 7th Law.

    Loren: He graduated from Harvard Law, doncha know.

    Night: Heh.

    Flagg: Double Heh.

    Brad: I’ve heard a lot about that tweet today.

  8. I have heard caucasion Liberals and “Progressives” use the “Uncle Tom” epithet a number of times… Referencing Justice Clarence Thomas, Economist Walter Williams, Economist Thomas Sowell (this might fit, I’m not sure), Senator Tim Scott as well as Ken Blackwell (Ohio’s Secretary of State in ’04). Hmmm, all these men are black. I’m sensing a pattern here. Is this “disparate impact”?

    PS “…He graduated from Harvard Law, doncha know”. God help us.

  9. There are two possible explanations.

    1) Winkler is a lying idiot.
    2) He doesn’t deserve his Harvard degree and should return it.

    Neither reflects well on him.

  10. Minneapolis Star Tribune is not allowing comments on their story about this. I mean, its not like its a Congresswoman Bachmann story. Media bias at its best (worst?).

  11. Of course his first draft wasn’t much better.

    “Thomas is just an uppity nxxxer who doesn’t know his place. Does he think he is as good as a white man?”

    I look forward to City Pages front page article on Wanker.

  12. Idiot Winkler is outed showing that the left are the true racists. Dan Conry was filling in for Jason Lewis last night. He and one of his guests were discussing how successful the left has been segmenting the population for political purposes; i.e. the black vote, the Hispanic vote, etc. This process, in and of itself, is blatantly racist, yet the useful idiots don’t see it that way.

  13. Just once, it’d be refreshing to hear a politician say “Why yes, I called him an Uncle Tom. And I meant it. He’s a Black man by skin color but he lacks the courage to stand up for race-based benefits. Since we all know the Political is Personal, that lets me call him Uncle Tom, based on the book character for a Black man meekily following his White masters on the Court, Scalia and Alito.”

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