Things I’m Thankful For This Holiday Season

There is so much stuff I’m thankful for, honestly

One of them is that my world isn’t so utterly, pathetically, hatefully small that I get off on the kinds of things Steve “Spotty” Timmer seems to. Steve is upset because, after years of being able to slime people (including his neighbors) from the cover of his precious anonymity, my friend Swiftee outed him in the comment section of this blog last week

As a part of his job (about which more below), Mr. Timmer has the ability to find, and misuse, all sorts of information.  And he’s pretty sure he has a bunch of it.

Oh all right. Tings like criminal operation of a motor vehicle, and za probation violation. And ja judgments for unpaid bills! Tings like multiple drunken driving convictions. Tings like driving mit out za license. Za blogging on company time; za trash house chronicles and za failure to support za pups.

Timmer refers to “glass houses” in his piece, apparently oblivious to the cheap irony; I’ve always used my real name, with all that that’s entailed in terms of “public risk”. He’s the one who’s always felt he had stuff to hide.  (More cheap irony; I met him earlier this year at Flash’s place.  We actually hit it off pretty well.  As I noted at the time, when I meet bloggers I disagree with, it’s usually much easier for me to treat them as humans rather than cheap stereotypes; Timmer apparently didn’t feel that way, taking some really cheap shots at me shortly thereafter.  I made noises about “outing” “him” at the time – and got a panicky-sounding email from him, all but begging me not to “out” his precious identity; he  really really preferred to remain anonyous.  The cheapest irony of all?  I hadn’t actually heard his name at Flash’s, and had at that point no idea who he was).

Since I’ve always blogged under my real name, every wart on my public record is pretty much available for the asking – so kudos to Steve’s awesome investigative chops!  And yep – I’ve had a wart or two.  Maybe we’ll touch on a couple of ’em in the next day or two, if Timmer really is as nekulturnii as he says “he’ll” be.

But I can say I’m proud about a couple of things, and do it with a straight face.

Here’s a big one – while I’ve mixed it up the “opposition” pretty gleefully (and for the most part they, like Timmer, deserve the “irony quotes”), I’ve upheld one standard; I’ve left other peoples’ families and livelihoods out of my blog.  Nobody – nobody, even gutless trolls like Timmer or Diane “Minnesota Observer” Gerth, deserves to have their families or their livelihoods attacked over what is, at the end of the day, a hobby.  I’ve upheld the Golden Rule, treating others the way I’d hope to be treated; I have no problem with people mixing it up with my politics, my choice in guitars, my taste in baseball – I am more than a match for anyone on any of those topics.  And on the other hand, I’ve kept my hands off of other peoples’ families, private lives, jobs and outside-of-blogging lives pretty religiously.

And I’ll continue to.

Because I am better than that.

And by “that”, I mean “I’m a better writer and a better man than Steve “Spotty” Timmer”.

 And that’ll be true no matter what Timmer and his little pack of gutless anonymous trolls think they can pull out.

19 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful For This Holiday Season

  1. I didn’t think Kenny Weiner could ever have serious competition in the hamster department. I was wrong.

  2. Over at Freedom Dogs we, likewise, have a couple of full-time hemmorhoids. They are non-sequiters with keyboards. As a rule, they don’t get slimy. They’re infuriating because they have no rational “center,” but they keep their personal feelings out of view. They are generally lucid, except when they defend the local schools – then they get downright moronic and robotic. This Timmer sounds like the villain in a bad Steven Segal movie (an oxymoron) who delights the audience by spending the last eight minutes of the film getting his face rearranged with a pipe wrench before Segal puts a shotgun blast in his esophagus.

    I’m new to this blog. Am I right?

  3. Kerm,

    It gets better.


    While I don’t advocate physical violence, I think it’s fair to say Steve Timmer would have to improve a bit to get to that point.

  4. Mitch, don’t you go on the radio every week & broadcast a show using your real name?
    Timmer almost certainly has more to lose in this game than you do.

  5. Monday will be an interesting day. It seems Mr. Timmer has decided to play dirty, big surprise.

    Why is it liberals have no limits on how low they will stoop?

  6. Why is it liberals have no limits on how low they will stoop?

    Because they’re good people and mean well, while you wingnuts are just mean.


  7. Da clucking fool doesn’t know much, does he? I don’t see hard time or manslaughter on that list, so how much worse could this be than the admitted shenanigans of PJ O’Rourke or Hunter S. Thompson? Perhaps he ought to read Republican Party Reptile before rejoicing in all this “dirt.”

    Besides, what’s the impact? Unless you’re planning on running for office soon, Mitch.

    Because I am better than that.

    And perhaps that’s the crux of the issue.

    Let’s see how Republicans reacted to substance abuse in a presidential candidates past: in the last two cases I can think of (GWB and BHO) neither one had their votes changed and in neither case was an admitted past from which documented recovery was evident vilified and used as a bludgeon in the election by the righties, only by the lefties.

    Sorry, CF (and by that I mean Mr. Clucking Fool [or the appropriate military epithet]) you’ll need much better ammo than you’ve presented to make impact. Personally, I don’t give a rip unless they’re ongoing or very recent. Life’s hard and sometimes you make it harder on yourself before you manage to right yourself.

    Sometimes you’re just lucky not to have gotten caught.

    (BTW, Mitch, the link to the swiftee comment is busted. Not that it matters.)

  8. I ended the issue at the Anti-Strib and hopefully you guys can wrap it up here. Swifty shouldn’t have outed the guy and we shouldn’t have piled on.

    Mitch and I expect a level of privacy and Spotty deserves the level he desires.

    I don’t think we want this to become a dangerous hobby where only those that have nothing to hide can play. We all have the ablitilty to ignore the posters that really piss us off, any retaliation in the real world should be strictly forbidden.

  9. Well I’m still waiting for my “coveted” Spotty Award. Meanwhile that whole “real life” concept has much to recommend it.

  10. Oh noes!! Teh Timmer is going to outs my driving record!!1!!

    HA!. That piece of human excrement has really, really made my day.

    The bottom feeders have been hinting for weeks about all of the deep dark secrets they have about me….but what is really amusing is that if they knew anything about me, they’d know that I could really give a crap less about what they, or anyone really, thinks they know, or know or thinks about what they know.

    The wife and I put three kids through private school and have seen them off to college. I’m earning an obscene salary working for myself that not only pays the fines and fees for my many, many heinous crimes, it allows me to return every night to a fabulous house and a smoking hot Mrs.

    There is nothing I have to hide….ya think that’s true about the stinking bag of a**holes that hang around the cucking stool? I guess we’ll just have to see.

    And for some odd reason, grasshopper, za pop song Run, Run, Run, Run, Runaway! keeps running through za Siggy’s head!

    Hahahahaha! Run Stevie, run. But I bet what you’re hearing is nothing more than the rattle of your empty brain pan bouncing off the brick wall you just ran into.

    Shall ve play ze game splut? Ya! Abzolutely!

  11. Y’know, guys – while I relish the thought of Kerm, Swiftee, the rest of the MOB and I going to town on this, it occurs to me – why bother?

    These people are clinging to relevance by a thin thread. I’ve met most of these people – they’re just not very interesting. Their blog brings drama to their lives. Picking a fight with a bunch of their chosen evil gives them some little thread of meaning.

    Why indulge them?

    I know exactly what the little fella was going to “out” about me. I’d almost like to write about it, since it’ll actually embarass the hell out of *him*. But he doesn’t control my agenda, because:

    a) I do, and
    b) they’re lumpen little clods who only peck at all of us because they crave attention, and can’t get it through the force of their own personalities.

    I’ve tossed the little guy a few links and engaged him in a few back-and-forths over the years. I’m done, and I think all of us should be, too. After a few months of being ignored, the only people who’ll care about him are the local fringe-lefty circle-jerk – Phoenix Woman, Ken Weiner, the City Pages and MNob.

    I think that’d be a fate worse than death.

  12. I don’t know where he got the idea that I tell anyone I’m a model citizen….here’s a tip Stevie; I’m a biker; been a biker for 25 years. Dig deeper baby, there’s a big, wild Swiftee story out there to be told!


  13. Yep. I disagree with Mitch on a lot of things, but in dealing with other people, he’s got class and integrity. Wish I could say that for more people on the Internet.

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