I Bet This Sends A Tingle Up Heather Martens’ Leg

Seven dead and many injured in the city that actually has the gun laws that Heather Martens, Jane Kay and Michael Paymar dream about:

. Seven people were killed and at least 32 others were shot in violence that plagued Chicago over Father’s Day weekend.
Six of the fatalities and 13 other shootings occurred overnight Saturday leading into Father’s Day, including the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy.
On the Southwest Side, five people were shot, one fatally, in two shootings in the Little Village neighborhood.
At 10:50 p.m. Saturday 21-year-old Ricardo Herrera was killed and two others were shot in the 2500 block of South Ridgeway Avenue, police said.

But the kids are all black, so they don’t matter to Twin Cities gun grabbers.

If only they liked more like future NPR execs, right?

7 thoughts on “I Bet This Sends A Tingle Up Heather Martens’ Leg

  1. One of the men killed — 24-year-old Antwon Johnson — was shot by police early Sunday in the Lawndale neighborhood after he raised a 9-millimeter handgun in their direction after bailing from a moving car and falling, police said. His mother disputed that account. “It’s not true,” said Stacy Liberty. “How could someone have a gun and point it to you if they’re already on the ground?”

    Liberty said the car had been lurching down the block because the people in the car were trying to identify an address. The presence of a police car behind them must have made Johnson nervous, his mother said. – Chicago Tribune, 6-16-13.

    I’m sorry for your loss, ma’am, but white people lack the moral standing to impose a solution; as long as the Black community continues to deny it has a problem with violent young men in its midst, the Black community will continue to have a problem with violent young men in its midst.

  2. Good observation, JD! It does seem that no matter what the circumstances, a parent telling the media, “My kid would never do that,” “the police were picking on/profiling him,” or insert another excuse here, does seem to be universal. My take is that those excuses are meant as an attempt to cover up their own failure as parents.

    A classic example is this. When I lived in Houston back in the 80s, I knew a couple of HPD detectives. They had traced a series of burglaries to some high school kids from a very affluent neighborhood north of the city. When he and his partner arrived at the mansion of one of the boys, the father denied that his son had anything to do with it, but called his son into the room anyway. When asked if he knew anything about the burglaries, the boy laughed, then replied, “I did that over a month ago, why are you just now coming after me?” The scary part of this? Despite the shocked look on the dad’s face, he initially agreed with the boy!

  3. Looks like Antwon mama dont know Antwon cliq been practisin they roll & cap skills…pop! pop! pop! Got that shit down, cuz!

    Who Heather Martens?

  4. Sadly, Mr. Berg is correct. The blatant acceptance of “them” and “us” by the media and even by “them” is very sad.

    The frenzied media support of the young man who was partially paralyzed playing HS hockey during the same time frame that a Black MPLS toddler was accidently shot and killed in his home brought the issue home to me.

    Both are newsworthy and tragic. However, the young athlete is still being celebrated by professional sports figures and news updates while the little child is still dead. Maybe dead is dead and loses its newsworthiness quickly.

    However, I was still saddened by the initial disparity in coverage.

    You forgot, “He was just starting to turn his life around.”

  5. Maybe this would attract more attention and public interest if there was a published over/under line each weekend.

  6. Mitch, you are so wrong. How many shootouts occur on the Gold Coast, or in SW Mpls? Or Summit Ave? How many Macalester professors live in Frogtown or North Minneapolis? None?

    Gun control is fine if you live in an ultra exclusive neighbor with almost no violent crime.

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