We’ll Get The Government Saul Alinsky Says We Deserve

It was one of those “Mission Accomplished” moments.  But not in a good way.

A week or so I was talking with someone who was considering running for a fairly important political office. 

This person would be anidealcandidate for this office – by which I mean both “as a candidate” and “as a conservative policymaker”.  I’m not going to go into specifics – I don’t want to give anyone the faintest whiff of a thread by which to identify them. 

So what’s holding them back? 

Nope – not the fundraising. 

It’s the trashing they’d expect to get from the Alliance for a Better Minnesota (with the willing connivance of a media that carries ABM’s water). 

And I have to think; that has got to be one of Alida Messinger’s goals – to make running for office as a conservative such an intimately-brutal, self-abnegating torture test that good people can’t justify putting themselves and their families through it. 

Mission Accomplished.

13 thoughts on “We’ll Get The Government Saul Alinsky Says We Deserve

  1. Anyone who will willingly put themselves and their family through the third party enslimement and media colonoscopy involved in running for office today is almost certainly unfit to govern in the first place.

  2. Hmmm, sounds familliar…don’t we have a sitting President that has built a political career out of trashing those whould dare to run against him?

    Sure, first they attack opponents, then it’s on to ANYONE with an opinion of dissent…which is why they are grasping at the meagerest of straws in attempt to disarm the law-abiding public.

  3. The plan is even more insidious because it uses our virtues against us.

    Conservatives are law-and-order guys. But I raised my kid and my kid once got a DUI. Having failed to live up to my own standards proves I’m unfit both as a parent and as a law-and-order politician.

    Liberals, on the other hand, never claim to have standards so they can’t be held accountable for failing to achieve them.

  4. The country is running out of money because we allocate so many resources via politics. It can’t be done.

    We are allocating society’s precious capital with Alinsky tactics. “Kill Mitt Romney” was the internal mane for the strategy. In Ohio it suppressed the Romney vote.

    It is extremely stupid to not own a small pile of gold.

  5. … or ammo. The two may become interchangable.

    Clearly the ideal candidate has skeletons in her/his closet or he/she would have nothing to fear. Their failure to run, for that reason, is a clear admission of guilt. The ABM is only doing their job. We should thank them.

    If he/she has a Verizon phone it would only be a matter of time before they were found out anyhow …

  6. So how will the IRS scandal effect GOP fundraising in 2014?
    I bet it won’t help. If you can’t be bought off, intimidation into silence is the Chicago way.

  7. The IRS is the least of the MN GOP’s problems. The state Republican Party is broke and fragmented. It currently is made up of Tea Party folks, Ron Paul supporters and maybe a few moderates. As far as the state GOP organization goes I’m not confident it can provide the resources to support both a statewide race and at the same time help in the House races next year.

  8. Well, Emery, let me ask you one question; Have you EVER been to ANY meetings of a local Tea Party chapter? I usually attend the Southwest chapter because it’s closest to my home, but I have also attended the chapter meetings in Champlin. Ever since the attempted gun grab and gay marriage bills, I have seen increased numbers of Democrats and Ron Paul people attending them. Most of the Democrats are union members that hunt and/or fish. Many of them have told me that they were shocked when the Dems went after their guns. Further, I also suspect that Obamacare’s effects on the unions, will turn many of locals and possibly nationals against the Dems during the next election cycle.

  9. @bosshoss; I did not assign a value on the impact of those three influences on the GOP. The 2014 election results will help determine that.

    Historically the mid-terms should be an opportunity for the GOP to make gains in MN. I perceive Dayton to be vulnerable. Franken who won by a thin margin should also be considered vulnerable. The SOS office is open, the House of Representatives face election next year as well. Taxes, same-sex marriage, bills to allow for union votes. I consider this to be a target rich environment for the GOP. It’s as if the DFL itself was writing the GOP 2014 playbook.

  10. I don’t trust Obama and friends with spying on Americans, because, frankly, I don’t think he respects Americans very much. I’ve never heard him or his acolytes condemn Muslim terrorists with the invective he has used against his domestic enemies. It’s downright scary.

  11. Per CBSNews, in response to unions’ questioning their historical support of the DFL, Obama, and his ilk:

    “But some unions leaders have grown frustrated and angry about what they say are unexpected consequences of the new law — problems that they say could jeopardize the health benefits offered to millions of their members.

    The issue could create a political headache next year for Democrats facing re-election if disgruntled union members believe the Obama administration and Congress aren’t working to fix the problem.”

    Time to send Biden out for some unintentional comic relief, put on a celebrity-laden concert at the WH, or for Michelle and the kids to do something cute.

    Better yet, a tragedy.

  12. So, why don’t conservatives/GOPs/whatever learn to attack back? Democrats know they’re fighting a war. Republicans still think politics is akin to an Oxford debating society. Give ’em as good as they give, for once.

  13. QUOTE: “So, why don’t conservatives/GOPs/whatever learn to attack back? Democrats know they’re fighting a war. Republicans still think politics is akin to an Oxford debating society. Give ‘em as good as they give, for once.”

    We are all doomed because:

    Alinsky tactics work. The tide has turned completely. The Left has dominated government (permanent bureaucrats) and this is how we allocate *society’s precious capital* when we vote. Rent seeking. Romney lost Ohio because of the Obama internal strategy called “Kill Mitt Romney.” it was a cohesive strategy to suppress the Romney vote and it worked. The organizing part is the Left’s data mining ability and their sophisticated employment of it.



    The Fed gooses the economy unnaturally so they can overspend, and creates the appearance of government and private debt being more prudent and productive than it really is. This works until it quits working, as in now.


    So the country is one gigantic disaster of actuarial science and misallocated capital that fools people into trading security for freedom via politics, which just makes it worse.

    The USA truly is an inflationist-collectivist doomsday machine.

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