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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Benghazi story keeps getting weirder.

Notice the FBI is on the job. The first 5 suspects have been identified, but not enough evidence has been gathered to try them in court. Enough exists to kill them if the Big O says so, but not enough to capture and try them. Is it just me, or is this administration’s War on Terror policy bewildering?

The guy who made that Mohammad video must have been the greatest filmmaker of all time, to provoke this much response with one low-budget flick.

Joe Doakes

And the “Poles” who attacked the radio station at Gleiwitz must have had some serious momentum to have started all that fuss by themselves.

3 thoughts on “Get The Popcorn

  1. Yea, and now, one general is telling congress that the rescue forces were not told to stand down. They were told that their mission was at Tripoli airport.

  2. Why would we want to kill them? Vengeance? Against individuals? We aren’t nazis. Similarly, why put them in jail? To teach them a lesson? To deter other people willing to die for their cause? We should to act, not react.

  3. That raises a question that has troubled me ever since we liquidated bin Laden (or did we?). How can we just go in, kill him, take his body, and leave?

    “Because we can, what are you going to do about it?” seems to be the most likely reason.

    “He pulled a gun on me,” the paraphrased reason given for the killing, sounds much more like the punchline of an old joke or a Sam Spade dialogue. Particularly when the assailant is an unsuspecting 54-year-old dialysis patient and the victim(s) were Seal Team Six.

    I have no sympathy for the murderer (Osama not Obama, but if the shoe fits …) but we are either at war or not. If we went in and killed an enemy combatant, I guess that’ll fly. However, when we start treating these situations like domestic crime, shouldn’t the domestic standards required for the use of deadly force then also apply?

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